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Royal East Sussex Hospital - RESH

Royal East Sussex Hospital - RESH
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Royal East Sussex Hospital - RESH

Hastings, East Sussex - 1992
Photo by Gary Kinch & Dave Benton - Copyright Gary Kinch

  • Ms Glencross on 16 May 2011 Ms Glencross said

    Where is the Old Hospital in this Picture? - I did my Nursing-Cadet
    Training 66/67 - and I can not find it!!.
    Regards M.Glencross.
  • Geoff on 18 May 2011 Geoff said

    Right in the middle of the photo, above the block of flats and left(ish)
  • Rob on 25 Jul 2011 Rob said

    If you look at the bowling green it is at 1.00 o' clock - the M shaped building. The nurses home in Holmesdale Gardens is at 1.00 o clock behind that. The other hospitals in Hastings were St. Helens in Frederick Rd Ore and the Buchannan in London Road St. Leonards (maternity)
  • Elizabeth Mcgowan nee Salt on 16 Jul 2012 Elizabeth Mcgowan nee Salt said

    anyone of 1958 nursing cadets around?
  • Jose Barajas on 01 Nov 2012 Jose Barajas said

    I did my House officer job at royal east sussex in Hasting.(1971)
    I remember my consultans and some nurses as Joahnna Freslov.
    Was really a nice time.
  • julie davies on 10 Feb 2013 julie davies said

    i was in the resh in 1975 for a year as i had a bad road accident when i was 11 years old.thanks to all the A n E staff i am here to tell the story! x
  • Valerie Brookes (nee Renn) on 15 Mar 2013 Valerie Brookes (nee Renn) said

    Just seen your query.
    I was cadet there [rosebud [pink] and daffodil yellow] started September 1957. so was second year daffodil in September 1958.
  • rachel taylor on 26 Jul 2014 rachel taylor said

    I trained in Hastings in the early 80's and worked at the RESH, Buchanon and St helens as well as doing a stint out at Hellingly - fondly remembered
  • June Mahoney on 26 Jul 2014 June Mahoney said

    I would love to have a photo of this hospital, as my Auntie died there in 1963.
    June x
  • Eileen Anderson (nee Beadle) on 07 Nov 2014 Eileen Anderson (nee Beadle) said

    As a mere 16 year old pre nurse , I was training from January 1955 until March 1958. The cadet scheme was just being brought in before I left. We pre nurses wore the standard stripped dress and apron and hat, but had a black arm band until we were 18, so that people could tell that we were rookies!
  • Jennifer Caister nee Upston on 20 Jan 2015 Jennifer Caister nee Upston said

    I was a cadet at the same time as Valerie Brookes nee renn.
    I loved it
  • Valerie Brookes (nee Renn) on 16 Jun 2015 Valerie Brookes (nee Renn) said

    Just seen your comment - [better late than never] who else do you remember? Did you do your SRN? lots of questions but would love to find out about the girls that were there with me.....remember going to the Technical College as part of our 'education' and walking back to the nurses home with Home Sister fussing about? Happy Days!
  • Shelagh lenane on 27 Feb 2016 Shelagh lenane said

    I did my cadet and EN training from 1969 onwards and enjoyed and learnt more than I can say .... do not know if anyone will remember me.
  • Jo Raffles( nee Howard) on 28 Feb 2016 Jo Raffles( nee Howard) said

    I started as a pink cadet 1969 at St Helens , Ore but lived in nurses home at RESH then SRN at both places . Lived in Holmesdale Gardens and Furness Mount - oh those fake sleeping out passes so we could go clubbing til late ! Miss Sims would have been horrified !! Then on to midwifery at Buchanan and Eastbourne 1978-'79 . Anyone else around at the same time ? Still a midwife soon to retire !
  • Kellie on 03 Mar 2016 Kellie said

    I was born in the Buchanan in 1971 and spent alot of time at the resh☺
  • Ruth Barclay Nee Barnes on 13 Mar 2016 Ruth Barclay Nee Barnes said

    I trained firstly at Bexhill Hospital for my first year and then The Royal East Sussex Group. I started my training in 1957. What a long time ago. I would love to hear from people who were there with me at that time. I am now retired, have been for a lot of years.I remember so many things. The Nurses home in Holmesdale gardens. St Helens and the Buchanan. Having to wait outside Matrons door with broken syringes and thermometers. Having to oil the syringes before they were Autoclaved and I could go on. Please get in touch if you were around at that time or later.
  • Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] on 15 Mar 2016 Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] said

    Just read your comment Ruth - I remember the nurses from Bexhill as your aprons were slightly different to the aprons that we had from the RESH. As you say it was a long time ago but memories are still vivid. Night duty on CP ward at the Buchanan with the cockroaches in the sluice and the Children's ward at St Helens, going through the kitchen to go the theatre. I went into the WRAF after training - but Matron Marchant and deputy Matron Miss Blunt had me well prepared, as standing outside their offices quaking, was good practice for anything that the service was to throw at me!
    My training started in 1957 as a cadet then on to PTS and from there the usual SRN training- the one outstanding memory of all the training was Mr Foulkes [ Gynae] standing in front of us in the classroom with arms outstretched claiming that "I am a uterus"..... Happy Memories.
  • Heather deeley nee kirby on 13 Apr 2016 Heather deeley nee kirby said

    Just found it I was there the same time as you
  • Margaret Jackman on 15 Apr 2016 Margaret Jackman said

    I think I was at RESH at the same time as you Jo Howard, I seem to remember you. happy days
  • Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] on 23 Apr 2016 Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] said

    Hello Heather - I remember you and those days well, and the rest of our group.....phew...blast from the past...remember coming to visit you when I came to Hastings on leave - do hope that all is well.
  • Heather deeley nee kirby on 29 Apr 2016 Heather deeley nee kirby said

    Hi val..Time flies but remember it well. Are you in touch with anyone else from back then?
  • Sheila O'Hara nee Petersen on 30 Apr 2016 Sheila O'Hara nee Petersen said

    Hi. I was a cadet from 1961-63 and then trained for SRN until 1966. Loved every minute of it. Matron Marchant. The sister Sisters on Ward 1 and Children's ward ?Langridge. Sister Rosewell and all the others. Many, many happy memories. Would love to get in touch
  • Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] on 30 Apr 2016 Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] said

    Hi Heather - did try looking but life seemed to get in the way! Do hope all well with you.
  • Elaine Knowles was Fry on 11 May 2016 Elaine Knowles was Fry said

    I was a pink cadet started September 1969. I remember Jo and Margaret. Great memories.Still nursing, have been a district nurse and am in practice nursing now.Retiring next March sfter many happy years.So glad I had my start at the RESH.Still remember Miss Sims tlc.Who was the eccentric OPD Sister she was great.
  • Heather deeley nee kirby on 12 May 2016 Heather deeley nee kirby said

    Hi Val nice to hear from you I am OK . hope you are keeping well
  • Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] on 14 May 2016 Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] said

    Hi there Heather - would be great to be in touch.
  • Sarah hearne on 15 May 2016 Sarah hearne said

    My father was an optician at the resh during 50S, 60S 70S does ANY one remember him?
  • Sarah hearne on 15 May 2016 Sarah hearne said

    Sorry, his name was geoffrey hearne
  • Sarah hearne on 30 May 2016 Sarah hearne said

    Hi again just want to know if my dad is remembered
  • Heather deeley nee kirby on 14 Jun 2016 Heather deeley nee kirby said

    Hi Val like to keep ln touch which way is best for you
  • Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] on 18 Jun 2016 Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] said

    Hi Heather....safest way is to log into the forum for 'lost relatives and friends' can then get in touch that way.
  • Jennifer nee upston on 24 Jul 2016 Jennifer nee upston said

    I remember heather Kirby, every time I go past polecats I think of you
  • Jennifer Caister nee upston on 24 Jul 2016 Jennifer Caister nee upston said

    I hate predictive text. Polegate
  • Brenda Clark née Baker on 26 Aug 2016 Brenda Clark née Baker said

    Student nurse then Staff nurse at Hastings School of Nursing comprising RESH Buchanan St Helens 1961 -1964 What memories! Remember Miss Sims Matron Marchant Miss Blunt Sister Jones Tutor Wonderful years looking back.
  • Joanna Freslov on 30 Sep 2016 Joanna Freslov said

    Came across this unexpectedly. I was a cadet in 1966, so long ago. Back in Hastings last year and hardly recognised it. I remembered Jose who mentioned me too.
  • Rhue LaMont on 09 Jan 2017 Rhue LaMont said

    Graduated in 1970. I remember Ms Simms and Jones really well.
    Nice to read all the comments.
  • Yvonne MacInnes ne Fermor on 25 Feb 2017 Yvonne MacInnes ne Fermor said

    I was a pink cadet also in 1969 Jo and I are still great friends I remember Elaine and Margaret ..Oh such fun was had even breaking the rules about having boys in the home and climbing in windows. Love to hear from others.
  • Ruth Baxter nee Mais on 07 Mar 2017 Ruth Baxter nee Mais said

    Wonderful memories of training at RESH. Remember you Rhue Lamont. Miss Jones passed a few years back. She was a beautiful person. She gave me her buckle at graduation and I wore it with pride until I retired. I would dearly love to make contact with Pat Morris who was in my PTS May 1968 to 1971.Her sister's name was Penny and I still have a photo of Pat and I at the wedding. We then went on to Southland do midwifery. Please call me on 07791787395.
  • Heather deeley on 12 May 2017 Heather deeley said

    I would love to make contact with Valerie brooks nee Renn. I have struggled with this website so here is my number if you'd like to get in touch 07753240013.
  • Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] on 13 May 2017 Valerie Brookes [nee Renn] said

    Hi Heather.........will be in touch shortly.
  • Rosemary Blount Re Bridges on 27 May 2017 Rosemary Blount Re Bridges said

    I was a cadet,for a year,in. Primrose uniform.Resident at the RSCH.I remember Miss Simms in charge of the nurses home.(1967) I did my SEN training a At Helens.Miss Russell was the Nursing Officer. Sister Burrows,Sister Frazer, Sister Horner our Tutors.
    I stayed 2yrs after Qualifying.Happy memories.
  • Susan Pantry on 06 Jun 2017 Susan Pantry said

    Remember Shelagh Lenane remember me? Cadet nurse from 1968. Remember Miss Simms so well and Miss Goulding!! Yes very happy days.
  • Sylvia. Cooper nee Lewis on 29 Jun 2017 Sylvia. Cooper nee Lewis said

    Hello Girls,
    Well it looks like I'm the oldest one in touch at the moment!
    I began my training in 1948 - 51 . There were nine of us in my set and now alas only three of us left,two in America and myself in Australia at 88years old I guess we are the lucky ones!
    The Matron then was Miss Martindale very much of the old school, ( she was trained at The London,as it was then) and a few months before we qualified Matron Marchant was appointed.
    The Holmsdale Gds Nurses Home was very strictly run in those days and we were almost cloistered as every move was watched .only one late pass a month and a very late pass 12 mn about one every 3 months. We got round it ofcourse and the School room window left conveniently unlocked helped.
    What a happy time that was,we all kept in touch over the years and we travelled the world , all of us. It was sad to hear RESH had been demolished . Sylvia
  • Shelagh lenane on 27 Sep 2017 Shelagh lenane said

    Hi Susan Pantry yes I remember ... how are you and where? Have you met anyone else ...on face book.
  • Diane mclachlan on 22 Nov 2017 Diane mclachlan said

    Hi, done my Sen training 1977 to1979, and lived in the rest nurses home , great memories and loved my training. Was very friendly with Andrea , Sheila and Angela . What are you all up to now .as we lost touch ? I still live in Edinburgh and am a staff nurse at the western general hospital, in a respiratory / cardiology ward . Would love to hear from Any one that was in my set .
  • Rosemary Reilly on 21 Dec 2017 Rosemary Reilly said

    Hello Diane
    You were in the room next door to me for a while ! I remember yourself and Andrea - crazy ladies :)
    Happy days at the RESH .
  • Dianemclachlan on 07 Jan 2018 Dianemclachlan said

    Hi sorry I can't remember you , was your room on the first floor? Who else do you remember ? Sheila monk ? Angela ( she is Welsh) yes we were wild . Do you remember Saturdays disco and scaly wags? Are you still-nurseing?
  • Diane on 07 Jan 2018 Diane said

    Hi again we're you in my set ? Do you live in Hastings?
  • Doug Harris on 28 Mar 2018 Doug Harris said

    Hi folks ... my wife, Sally Sparke as was, trained at St Helen's (probably around 1979) and worked at the RESH from time to time I remember her saying. I am trying to put together something to celebrate her 40 years this year as a nurse - does anyone remember her or have any links to web pages etc for St Helens?

    Many thanks,
  • Fran Coussens on 05 Jul 2018 Fran Coussens said

    I was was in a bad car accident in the 1950's I was 6 years old and was in the RESH for many ops I remember spending a long time in the garden trying to escape lol
  • Fran Peck on 05 Jul 2018 Fran Peck said

    I did my training at the Resh also St Helens from 1978 to 1980 Loved that hospital
  • Helen Barker (Nee Tidy) on 21 Aug 2018 Helen Barker (Nee Tidy) said

    I was at RESH from 1956, when I started in the second year of the cadet scheme Cadet (never had the pink dress) until the end of my training in 1960.
    Had a wonderful time in PTS and in all three years of training . I have a quite a few photos and memories. If any of my contemporaries are reading this, especially Christine Douse (Brown),and Esther Weatherill (Gunstone) I would love to hear from them. I also remember the nurses from Bexhill well. I guess we are all nearing eighty now!
    I remember working on ward at St Helens Hospital where the surnames of four of the nurses were : Frost, Savage, Tidy and Fear - the patients must have been terrified!
  • melody Norton on 06 Sep 2018 melody Norton said

    hi to all you wonderful nurses ect do any of you know of an institute that I believe was a hospital or in a hospital call hell n lie called by locals ???? don't know if its spelt right. learning that my real mum was in this place for a while for treatment ???? around 1956+ don't know if its in Hastings or Bexhill. would appreciate some info if its out there. thanks melody
  • Valerie on 07 Sep 2018 Valerie said

    Hi there Melody
    HELLINGLY Hospital was the Psychiatric hospital for Sussex and surrounding areas. It was a very large institutional type building which housed a lot of patients. It was situated in Hastings., As student nurses we all went there to observe how the treatments of that age were administered.....very different than treatments of today.

    Do hope this helps.
  • Susan Vines nee Smalley on 15 Nov 2018 Susan Vines nee Smalley said

    Hi all I did my SRN training 1973-76 ,we wore those fabulous hats! Happy memories of the teaching team who worked so hard to help us pass the exams Also enjoyed living in the nurses home,there was always someone to chat with
    .Remember that spooky tunnel that went under ground to the geriatric hospital over the road
  • Wendy Jobson (nee Townsend) on 21 Feb 2019 Wendy Jobson (nee Townsend) said

    I started my training at RESH in May 1967 qualifying as a SRN in 1970 and was wondering if others would be interested in having a 50 year reunion of our qualifying some time next year. Ideally it should be in September so as to include all of the 1967 intakes of January, May and September.
  • Sandy Sanderson on 28 Mar 2019 Sandy Sanderson said

    I came accross this site just this morning
    So many memories came flooding back! My name back then was Cornelius (Sandra) I was cadet 61to63, then went on to do my training. Happy crazy days! I recall Sheila Petersen, Norman Saxby, Susan Emersen, Dianne Allen, Carole Mum ford Valerie Wait and many others.
  • Diane mclachlan on 05 Apr 2019 Diane mclachlan said

    Hi,anyone still nursing in hasting that done training 1977 and lived in resh nurses home? Myself and Susan Forbes are going to be in Hastings from6th of May for a few days and would love to catch up .(she also trained there was in set6month behind myself) we both still nurse in Edinburgh .so many great memories in Hastings . Any suggestions to get in touch ?
  • Coleen McIntosh Barrett on 20 Apr 2019 Coleen McIntosh Barrett said

    I trained at RESH 1970-1973 and lived in the nurses residence at Holmesdale Gardens.
    Rotated through St.Helens/Buchanan/Bexhill.
    Enjoyed my SRN training there. I still keep in touch with some of my batch mates. It would be nice to have a RESH reunion. I remembered Miss Simms so well and how strict she was, but still managed to get out and have fun. I am still love being a nurse.
    Awesome training!!!
  • Maggie Hardy nee Margaret Short on 20 May 2019 Maggie Hardy nee Margaret Short said

    Hi Colleen
    I was in the same set as you with Cheryl, Marcia and Pat,
    Also Jane Robinson, Cheryl Santer, Alan Peacham, Jan Chalkley to name a few.

    I am still in contact with Jane and Cheryl and met up last summer and are planning to do so again in July.
    Jan is in Australia and has just retired

    It would be good for us all to get togther physically or remotely. We had good times and a very good training
    Thanks for posting in April.
  • Sheila Cullen on 31 May 2019 Sheila Cullen said

    Hi I trained as SEN from January 1977 -1979 I left Hastings in 1981.
    I used to hang around with Susan McClaney and Rosalind Dabin.
    I have very found memories of Hastings that time. I am still a nurse, now RMN.
    Sadly lost contact with my friends. Some of the names above sound familiar can't remember the faces.
  • Sheila Cullen on 02 Jun 2019 Sheila Cullen said

    My maiden name Sheila Riches.
  • Gillian Darley (Horowitz) on 27 Jul 2019 Gillian Darley (Horowitz) said

    This is for Rosemary Reilly, or someone of that name if not this one! If you were my (truly wonderful) midwife at UCH in early 1987and again in 1990 will you make contact? If not, that’s a shame.
  • Fiona McTiernan on 13 Sep 2019 Fiona McTiernan said

    I trained at Hastings school of nursing from Jan 88 intl Jan 91, lots of great memories from the RESH and ST HElENS, would love to hear from people there at that time, did remain and staff at the conquest for a number of years too!
  • Mavis Waterhouse nee Fear on 13 Oct 2019 Mavis Waterhouse nee Fear said

    Hello Helen
    Great to hear from you. Yes they were great days.Esther has been bed ridden for about the last 5years in a nursing home in Sherborne Dorset.
    Biddy Jean Hayday Ruth Wickens and a couple of others meet up a couple of times a year.
  • Elizabeth Meacher on 19 Oct 2019 Elizabeth Meacher said

    My maiden name was Powell. Cadet nurse 1970. Continued my training and worked at Sussex Private Clinic before leaving area in 1977. Would love to hear from others in that era.
  • stuart Richardson on 28 May 2020 stuart Richardson said

    I spent most of my working career at the RESH . Trained as a SEN at Hastings did my ODP training at the Conquest. Happy days at the RESH in Theatres, Still working as a Porter at the Conquest and a RN partially retired . The Conquest has become a bit like the RESH. I C started work as a junior tech at the path Lab aged 17 , not fir me . Then as a Theatre Attendant at St Helens and RESH for 7 years . Nurse training was fun , hard work , but oh my goodness you learnt well and quickly. So many of my dear Comrades of RESH. Theatres have passed .
  • Johanna Banks on 06 Jun 2020 Johanna Banks said

    Hi, I am interested in finding out about foreign nationals who were training at the RESH in 1967. Were there many? The person I am trying to trace lived in hospital accommodation, I was told he was a doctor but now think he may have been a trainee nurse. Maybe Indian, Pakistani or possibly Mauritian. I would be grateful for any info or recollections, however insignificant please. Thank you, Jo
  • Dr. John Mole on 27 Jun 2020 Dr. John Mole said

    I was house surgeon to Mr. Ticehurst & Mr Kerr for 6 months in 1966. My first job out of Medical School in London, I was completely out of my depth and could not have coped without the support and direction of the ward nursing staff. Now retired, I have had an extremely busy life as a GP in New Zealand but my 6 months at RESH were the busiest and most intense of my career. I remember clearly asking Mr Ticehurst for a day off after working 2 days and nights without sleep. Normally a most kindly person, he went red in the face, reminded me that this was good training for my career and denied me any time off. I left RESH having had the most amazing experience. It left me with much gratitude.
  • Valerie Brookes on 29 Jun 2020 Valerie Brookes said

    I had finished my training by 1966 but do remember Mr Ticehurst and Mr Kerr well...…..We called Mr Kerr the butcher as his incisions' were so long [I have an appendix scar which proves it!] and Mr Ticehurst was really good to us students unless he had an off day. All that aside I did enjoy working with them along with Dr Bhattacharyya. and the two ortho. bods Mr Devas and Mr Bintcliffe I took that knowledge with me and can still remember them well. Hard days but happy[y days.
  • Jan Chalkley on 27 Aug 2020 Jan Chalkley said

    What wonderful memories of my training at RESH and St Helens. I do remember the orthopaedic rounds with Mr Devas, very scary for a first year student nurse! I do remember Ms Simms and Susan Pantry and many of the people mentioned. Still keep in touch with Jane Robinson,Maggie Short and Pat Stokes. I am still enjoying my life in Australia, just retired from a great nursing career over here. They were certainly happy days at RESH.
  • Jane Mary Wiltshire on 14 Jan 2021 Jane Mary Wiltshire said

    I was a student nurse between 1982 and 1985. I lived at the RESH and have such wonderful memories of the RESH, St Helen's and The Buchanan. I went on to do my RMN training after a placement at Hellingly Hospital. I loved every minute and have such fond memories of Courtney's, Saturdays, and many other places. The Dripping Well pub, which is still there and the club opposite Holmesdale Road
  • Ruth Niven was Bodle and Durrant on 02 Jun 2021 Ruth Niven was Bodle and Durrant said

    Hello. I did my nurse training in the Hastings hospitals from 1976 to 1979 and was a staff nurse at St Helens. That was a long time ago! A lot of water under the bridge since then. Now living in Scotland. Would love to hear from any former colleagues
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