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The Grove School

The Grove School
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The Grove School

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex - Circa 2012
Photo copyright Bing Maps

  • nelly turner on 21 Jun 2018 nelly turner said

    So sad its gone. I was very happy there.
  • Brenda Redford nee goodchild on 07 Jul 2018 Brenda Redford nee goodchild said

    My brother went to the Grove school in the late 50's.
  • John Brookes on 17 Sep 2018 John Brookes said

    My Old School I was there from 1964/68/69.
    My Form Teacher was Mr Wallace its Heart Breaking to see it gone the best years of my life.
  • Sarah on 11 Oct 2018 Sarah said

    Hello, does anyone remember the name of the head master who worked there in 1992?
  • Brian Evans on 07 Nov 2018 Brian Evans said

    I'm a Canadian who went to The Grove School for a few months in the late winter and spring of 1966 while staying with family at 27 West Hill Road.

    I remember a teacher the kids called Bogey! I don't remember his real name though ( I don't think it was Bogart, but I could be wrong.) I remember there was one other Canadian boy there, son of someone in the Canadian High Commission I think?
  • graham on 02 Dec 2018 graham said

    I was there from 1961 to 1965 they were the happiest days of my life, many names come flooding back of fellow pupils and the amazing teachers. "Topper" Hatfield was the Headmaster, as I get older the memories grow fonder.
    I now live away from Hastings but The Grove will always be special to me.

    Very Best Wishes to any remaining fellow pupils, I hope life turned out well for you.
    Graham Ells
  • Graham Pycock on 06 Dec 2018 Graham Pycock said

    Thanks Graham and best wishes to you. I was at the school from 58 to 63 and I have to say not the best days for me! Nevertheless the teachers were decent and tried their best with us. I much respected "Inky" Inskipp and liked Geography, despite "Killer" Duly who must have had the record for number of canings (I had my share). When I was there the building and facilities were relatively new and we lucky in that respect. It is sad to know it has all gone. I do wonder what happend to my classmates and I trust we all had successful careers from a rather dodgy "11 plus failure" start.
  • Chris Puxley on 19 Feb 2019 Chris Puxley said

    I was there 1957 to 1960, having failed my 11+ at West St Leonards and before going on to a pre-sea training college, passing my necessary 5 GCE's and taking up a career in the shipping industry, at sea and latterly as a Harbour Master / Pilot in the north of England, where I have lived since 1990. My metalwork teacher at the 'Grove' was a Mr Escott. I think the headmaster was a Mr Hatfield and there was a Mr Broadbent. Mr Inskipp I recall (subject ?) and Mr Duly for geography, but wish I could remember others who's faces I still remember, i.e. the French teacher, the P.E. teacher.
    I remember going on a great summer camping holiday with the school in August 1960, where three or four teachers took about twenty of us boys of various terms, on a camping touring holiday, in three dormobiles, (campervans), to France, Monaco, Italy and Switzerland. We sailed from Dover on a cross-channel ferry called 'Lord Warden' and came back via Boulogne I think on a French ferry. I still have the cloth badges that I collected of some of places we passed through or stopped overnight, not necessarily in the right order but include Lyon, Valence, Cannes, Villefranche, Menton and Paris. They were originally sewn onto my dufflebag, The holiday cost my parents about £20.
    I still have a copy of my 1960 Class photo and wonder how we all got on in life. Happy days!!
  • Jean clarke on 25 Feb 2019 Jean clarke said

    Was at the grove school between 1982.1984.i liked it
  • Stephanie Eastley (hawley) on 03 Mar 2019 Stephanie Eastley (hawley) said

    I went to the grove 1978 I loved it
  • Nik on 16 Apr 2019 Nik said

    Can't believe its gone! I was there from 87-93. To Sarah, I think 1992 was when Paul Martin became the head master, just before I left. Can't remember the name of the head that was there before Paul, although I think a long-term headmaster was there when I joined in 87 and retired soon thereafter. I remember Mrs Willey very fondly - I think she passed away some years ago - who was my English teacher. Also Mr Fulton Hart - who was a fantastic teacher! - and also passed away a few years ago. Also remember Tudor Jones very fondly - head of the sixth form in my time. Great memories...
  • Michael Whing on 20 Jul 2019 Michael Whing said

    I went to the grove school. I started jwhen it was still an all boys school. 1969/1970 era. It then became a comprehensive school with girls. I think the girls came from st Heles school st Helens road . There was one girl in particular that I really liked . Her names was Heather Elphick. I often wonder what happened to her. Be nice to see her?
  • John Brookes on 05 Aug 2019 John Brookes said

    I went there in 1964/69 my teachers were Mr Williams Head Master was Mr Hatfield my form master was Mr Wallace so sad to know that it has now gone so many great memories great friends.
  • Nigel Tolkien / webb on 15 Nov 2019 Nigel Tolkien / webb said

    Left in1977 just seen demolition moved away in 80s loads of memories good and bad , areal shame
  • Nigel Webb / tolkien on 15 Nov 2019 Nigel Webb / tolkien said

    Remember Fulton hart had slipper off him
  • Nigel Webb on 15 Nov 2019 Nigel Webb said

    Anyone from mr grants classes hello to you
  • Debra Roberts on 07 Mar 2020 Debra Roberts said

    I was at the school in the seventies.i remember English teacher Mr Cole.if anyone knows him tell him hi.and my daughter went to Cambridge twice because of him.shes now a, I became a nurse.i remember,Bethan Davies,darylblyth,Imelda Scott amongst others..and ..missgrey,mrduly...happy days.. so sad it's gone now
  • Chris Thomas on 16 Apr 2020 Chris Thomas said

    I was there in he 50s. Having previously been at Woodland Vale School in Tower Road ,while the Grove was being built.I clearly remember the day when the Grove opened and I was moved to the Grove to start as a pupil in form 1X. eventually finishing my schooldays there in form 4X.
  • Sara Brignall on 03 May 2020 Sara Brignall said

    I was there in the 70's. Our form teacher for so long was Mr Beanland....been trying to find him online with no luck ???? He was just great. If anyone knows what happened to him can you let me know? I remember Mr Cole too, I thought we had him for history though. ???? Mr Ralph the maths teacher. Miss Vance we had for sewing classes...I'm still crap at that! Mr Limprick for Biology anyone remember him? Most unfortunate name bless him, we were all most unkind to him!!
  • Cheryl on 03 May 2020 Cheryl said

    Does anyone remember the English teacher in the late 1970s. I really lked and would like to tell him what a great teacher he was.m
  • Cheryl on 03 May 2020 Cheryl said

    Mr Hathaway that is!
  • emma bulmer on 03 May 2020 emma bulmer said

    I am so sad that this school is gone. Some of the best years of my life. I was there in the late 80’s Mr Avery was my form teacher. Mrs Childs ne Miss Fields sticks out in my mind for being an amazing History teacher. Wonder where she is these days would love to say a huge thank you.
  • Rosalind Morton on 03 May 2020 Rosalind Morton said

    I went to the Grove during the 70’s fond memories of teachers in particular Ms Tarbuck PE... Ms Shorricks who frightened the life out of me. Wondered what happened to Mr YaYa too. Loved my eccentric History teacher....too but forgotten his name.
  • Douglas Palmer on 24 May 2020 Douglas Palmer said

    I was there 59-64.Hatfield was headmaster. John Inskip got me to my only school play, Androcles and the Lion. Duly was vicious giving the cane for no real reason. My form masters were Ken Woodhouse then Inskip both great guys. Ted Selman was French teacher. I remember and can recite the names of every boy in my class from Alfie Benton to Tony Warner. I was not an outstanding student but did enjoy my time there and was sorry to find it demolished when I visited Hastings a couple of years ago.
  • Douglas Palmer on 25 May 2020 Douglas Palmer said

    Chris Thomas did you marry Janice? And work at Borough Treasurers and play footie for Crypton Dynamos??
  • Douglas Palmer on 27 May 2020 Douglas Palmer said

    Graham Pycock refers to 11+failures. I wonder if he is referring to the fact no 11+exams were held for those born in 47/48.Why that was I do not know but what I do know is that several boys and girls were robbed of a grammar, / high school place. Whilst at Grove several Grammar school boys were demoted but none were promoted. At least 2 of my classmates went on to have excellent academic careers. The education system in this country went downhill when comprehensives replaced Grammar and Sec. Mods.
  • Graham Pycock on 31 May 2020 Graham Pycock said

    Thanks Douglas. That's interesting, I was not aware of any absence of 11+ for the 47/48 cohort. I was at West St Leonards Junior School and I do remember what, many years later, I realised was an intelligence test. Pupils had to be allocated to grammar or secondary modern by some means. It hardly helped Grove School's reputation when a local magistrate called it a "breeding ground for criminals". Poor Mr Hatfield, the Head was terribly upset and told us not to worry in assembly. He was a strict but obviously very well intentioned man. He did some sort of theroretical training for fighter pilots in the second world war and I think deplored social triends in the 1960s.
  • Allan Osborne ( was Turner) on 11 Jun 2020 Allan Osborne ( was Turner) said

    I was a pupil at Grove during 1959 to early 1960.I had emigrated from Canada and the other boys I met there assumed I was American and called me yank! I just went along with it because it was easier than having to explain I wasnt. My time there was short really but had quite an impact on me. I do recall killer Duly who was disliked for good reasons. Had six of the best off him once, for climbing a tree of all things! and there was one incident where the headmaster Mr. Hatfield caned every boy in the school because some of them had set fire to a local farmers haypile . no one owned up so we all got it that time. I recall that like it was yesterday! My form master was a Mr. Barlow who delighted in reading us storys and was firm but fair. Tom Marshall was the easiest going teacher there and there was one we all called rubberlips , his name escapes me .There was also a woodwork teacher who was a total nutter and I think drank too much.In spite of difficulties learning to cope with a totally different system , I did manage and left at easter time in 1960 to begin my working life where I eventually became a TV service engineer for Rediffusion on ponswood estate. I enjoyed my short time at Grove school and hope others did to!
  • Geoff Morris on 13 Jul 2020 Geoff Morris said

    I attended the Grove from 1969 - 1972 left just as the school changed from all boys to mix, Topper Hatfield was head, deputy head was Mr Ralph, two PE teachers Mr Greenhaugh ( the nice one ) Mr Bastable ( not so nice ) always remember him for his very short shorts and the fierce way he dished out the slipper.
    Killer Duly with his click click heels another who appeared to enjoy dishing out the cane, Mr Barlow was he history? Mr Carter was maths plus many others but you only tend to remember the ones that handed out the physical punishment, yes there was also Mr De Beaumont a little strange but handy with the black board rubber around the back of the head.
    I haven't been the site since the demolition and probably won't do, never did get the opportunity to walk along the front balconies and never will now.
  • Christopher Chadwick on 20 Jul 2020 Christopher Chadwick said

    I went to the Grove from 1964 to 66. I remember Topper Hatfield, the Head. Also 'Arny' (Mr Armitstead) Geography. There was Bedspring; also Popcorn the music master, Bogey, who taught Maths (I remember his retirement speech in 1966 when he said 'I'll keep this short, just have a go lads, have a go.' We all went Yer Whey!!! Not forgetting goggle-eyed Ted Selmann; and Bastable, whom we called Bastard Balls. I remember most of those teachers by their nicknames! A very good school, I remember it with fondness.
  • Andy Wright on 20 Jul 2020 Andy Wright said

    I attended 1965-1970, so sad to see the demise of The Grove School for Boys. Teachers I remembers were, Adams And Escot metalwork, Wallace and Morgan then Andy Necklan woodwork, Terry Carter and Nunn maths, Reid (I was at primary with his daughter, who, with here best friend, regularly alternated there first and second names ...a bit weird) Tom Morgan, Wickham science, Williams English, Vincent music, Greenhaulgh and Bastable PE (wasn’t there some scandal about why he left?) Ted Selma’s French Hgot the cane from him for clicking my cycle clips during his lesson!)
    I enjoyed my time at school and remember a school trip staying at Sayers Croft.
    I also remember many of my classmates and always wonder where they are now and how life has been dealt to them.
  • Peter Richardson on 13 Sep 2020 Peter Richardson said

    I was there from 1963 - 1968 and the memories of the Grove are indelibly etched into my subconscious. My attendance coincided with the ascendancy of teen culture, groups like the Rolling Stones proving a particular source of vexation. There was a real air of a conflict of values which would reach an apotheosis during Remembrance Week when our illustrious head Topper Hatfield would ascend the steps to the Assembly Hall stage and harangue the serried ranks of pupils with his memories of the gallant young men whose Spitfires he had serviced before they flew off to battle the Luftwaffe. These memories meant a lot to him and he was evidently still deeply affected by his war service.
    He would then turn his gaze to his reluctant audience and, colour rising, would work himself into a paroxysm of fury, foam flying from his Lips upon the unfortunates in the front row, the hard cases up the back looking on with insouciant disdain from beneath heavy fringes, their winkle-pickers and leather jackets, adding yet another emblem of testosterone-fuelled rebellion. None of this good for Topper’s inner karma, his final rejoinder to the semi-cowed ranks always ending on a variation of “... and to think they died for the likes of you - YOU!!!”
    Golden days!
  • Bob Okines on 14 Sep 2020 Bob Okines said

    I was at the Grove from 1975 to 1977. Head Master was Mr Willcox and Mr Ralph.

    Favourite teacher was 'Killer' Duly!

    Remember him?
  • Peter Richardson on 15 Sep 2020 Peter Richardson said

    Killer Duly—a name of conjure with— he had an air of menace about him that was reminiscent of Dennis Price. HIs verbal put downs were memorable and you definitely didn't want to be on the receiving end of his cane. Massive amounts of homework which meant that much of Sunday would be spent writing and drawing maps—in my case a lot of effort for an O-Level which I never took. Ralph took over from Bristow (can'r recall his first name) in 1968.
  • Kenton Murdoch on 15 Sep 2020 Kenton Murdoch said

    So so sad, many happy days that has made me thrive to present day. Football, rugby pitch, trains running by. Stayed until 5 year, listening to Led Zepplin, Leonard Cohen, Black sabbath ect. Memories of playing Grammar school/ Priory road. First day in new school, scrapping with school bully..good day’s.
  • David Morley on 29 Sep 2020 David Morley said

    Attended 77-82 I think!! had some great times remember Fulton-hart sadly passed away recently and John Little great times discussing Monty Python. What ever happened to all the people we spent all that time with Gary Peters Julie Driscoll amongst some of those who I had some great times. Sad to see the school levelled for housing
  • Brian on 30 Sep 2020 Brian said

    Mr Scott PE 1983
    Mr Barret English
    Mr Neckland Wood work
    Miss Jones Religious ed
    Fulton Hart careers - only interested in every one joining the army.
    Mr Smith maths or empty vessels make the most noise
    Mr Greenhalph PE
    and a chemistry or physics teacher who was into karate and one winter whilst chucking snowballs at the balcony where the teachers walked started shouting at the kids to stop or get slippered
  • Brian on 30 Sep 2020 Brian said

    Ahh Mr Escot metal work 1983
  • Brian on 30 Sep 2020 Brian said

    Mrs shorrocks girls PE who at 5' 3"" scared everyone
  • Mark Taylor on 10 Oct 2020 Mark Taylor said

    I went to the lower and upper 1981/84 I spent most of my time avoiding going now spend all my time telling my kids how important it is I did have a good laugh there Mrs fell art and my tutor she was a good teacher
  • Mark Taylor on 10 Oct 2020 Mark Taylor said

    Ii also remember arguing with the teachers about keeping the class for more then 15 mins without consent from. Parents used to get the whole class too walk out gees I was a little git ????
  • Mark Taylor on 10 Oct 2020 Mark Taylor said

    Me again didn't know this existed used to hang about with brian Chris hitchman Terry solly Vanessa Burton Avril dobell I think most of the people from hollington at that time 11 in 81 if any of you find this be good to hear from you see how you are
  • Douglas Palmer on 17 Nov 2020 Douglas Palmer said

    Peter Richardson comments on Duly's obsession with maps for homework. I never got more than 7,/10 as I was not much good at art and even got the cane on a couple of occasions. So imagine my delight and his shock when I got a grade 1 geography GCE. To be fair I did respect him and he only invited pupils to join his European jaunts if he felt they deserved it. Sadly I could not afford to go. I do however remember Sayers Croft, the first holiday I ever had with John Inskip and Terry Carter. A couple of years ago I was in the area and visited Sayers Croft, it was almost the same as I recalled it nearly 60 years ago.
  • Steve Hanna on 01 Dec 2020 Steve Hanna said

    I was there from 65-69. Good memories. Remember Topper . There was a song sung about him and his secretary. Also remember killer Duly and his selection of canes in the stock room . You actually got to choose which 1 you were caned with standing on the red dot . Also remember the metalwork teacher I think his name was Adam's. He was always a good teacher.
  • Michele sada ( gasson) on 26 Jan 2021 Michele sada ( gasson) said

    I was shocked to see the Grove school had been demolished, was just looking at old places on google maps as I haven’t lived in Hastings for 30 years. I was there from 72 having moved up from the woodlands school. Had a great English teacher can’t remember her name, I had a run in with mr selman the French teacher and got sent to the head, but luckily didn’t get the slipper! Mrs Shorracks was scary! She locked me and 2 friends in the gym because we were messing around and not putting the equipment away after gym! Hated wearing those awful massive maroon gym knickers. Can’t imagine that happening these days !
  • Simon on 30 Jan 2021 Simon said

    I went to the Grove after woodlands in the 1970’s and left in 1977. My favourite teacher was Michael (mick) Boakes the drama (theatre arts) teacher. Knowone has mentioned him so he may have only been there a short time. I know Nicholas Ball (Hazel) if you remember the tv detective show also went to the Grove so the drama department must of had some impact. Like everyone else I was also sorry to read that my old school was knocked down. Happy days apart from ‘killer Duly’.
  • FRANK HALL on 31 Jan 2021 FRANK HALL said

    I passed 11+ but parents were,nt functioning was sent to Grove school, looking back at some teachers,Mr Selman french teacher,only had one term as no more language teachers , ovre la fentre, ferme la port, some sayings still remain, also not mentioned was Mr Freebury technical drawing,i still have a book which he wrote,on t/d was at school between 1956-1960 Mr Dooley ( or Duly ) was into caning everyone,and me at 75 yrs i believe he would at a minimum be sacked,he had a pupil (shall not name him in the stockroom for all of end of term test,we could hear the cane going frequently. i remember the magistrate calling the school a breeding ground for criminals, groups were abscounding and breaking into houses,during school time. When i see the teachers my sons have had in Australia i wish we had had the same calibre when i went to school, was in Castle House. and Men of Harlec.( not sure about spelling) was the school song, Was there in 2018 went to visit but all gone. Pity.
  • Stephen Cramp on 22 Feb 2021 Stephen Cramp said

    What a waste, barely 50 years old and reduced to reclaimed aggregate and hardcore.
    Thankfully the same hasn't happened to me - just turned 68 now!!
    My time there was 1963 to 1969 and a great time was had too.
    Teachers must have done me some good, I spent my working life in Town Planning and
    Architecture - mainly in the East Midlands where I've been since 1975.
    Many teachers were memorable (unforgettable) Tom Marshall, WingCo Wallace, Mr Reid, Mr Armistead,
    Percy Nunn, Ted Selmon ( I really liked his Triumph Mayflower), Jimmy Adams, Jim Barlow,
    They are all gone to the great classroom in the sky, and sadly so have some of my classmates.
    Oh the ticking of the Clock!
  • Simon Wright on 24 Feb 2021 Simon Wright said

    Attended 1969-71 and then moved to Thanet. Sad the Grove is no longer. Lots of ups and downs. Remember Escott 'I'll cane you boy' pulling me out of line and threatening to cane me. I was innocent and one of the older boys said he'd thump him if he did. Ted Selman, great fun in his class, always getting sent out. He came and got us all back once when he had more outside than inside. Once he got so mad he threw a desk across the room. His son Geoff was in our year, and he was also at West St Leonards (also now gone). Bastable PE, saw him bring so called hard kids nearly to tears with a good slippering. Barlow, Williams, Greenholf, Nunn, Griffiths, Read, Vincent, Singleton took us for art, and old Arny, who I learnt absolutely nothing from. Can't remember the real name of woodwork teacher called Pinky. The woodwork teacher at my new school in 71 was called Rudolph who had a red face - must be something with woodwork teachers. De Beaumont was our form teacher. Decent chap, and very entertaining. Oh, and Mr Ralph, Adams and Freedman TD. I remember it always seemed to be a rush to the window seats on a sunny day, to light up the blackboard with your protractor whilst the teacher was chalking. Oh happy days.
  • Simon Heanue on 07 Apr 2021 Simon Heanue said

    I went there from 1964 to 1969, I was one of the Banardo boys (known as the banana boys)
    I remember ol Mr Baggy, Arnie, the Head Topper Brown, Deputy Head Mr Ralph.
    And of course I remember the bullies as well, one called Goode I think that's how its spelt, 2 years above me left and become a God carrier a good sportsman though.
    Can I say they were happy days.....yes I can.
    Hello to anyone that remembers me ????
  • Les Brittan on 03 May 2021 Les Brittan said

    Greetings from Canada, I attended Grove School for Boys 1957 to 1960, I remember Hatfield as the head master, and Mr.Duly our math teacher, what a prune he was. I remember I had to read a rude poem in front of the class, and got caned with the BIG one,,I remember Mr. Barlow, decent guy, and the woodwork teacher I think it was Mr. Adams, took a whole lesson on how to read a "ruler". Different for sure, Kinda strange how you recall the weird ones, great bunch of friends from 3X class, Chris Thomas, Thorpe, Mickey Belair, Cliff Poole, and I remember picking on a guy called Priestly ( sorry about that). Hope you are all doing well, and in good health.
    Moved to Canada in 1961,married, two sons, one daughter, 5 grandsons, just waiting for this COVID thing to pass, so we can all go travelling again.
  • Simon Heanue on 23 May 2021 Simon Heanue said

    Covid....wots that ????
  • Stephen Cramp on 24 May 2021 Stephen Cramp said

    Brian Evans, your post 7th November 2018, I think the other Canadian must be Gary Wishart
    he was in my form and was quite a pal of Robert Appleyard - who I believe is in Australia now.
    Simon Heanue, I remember your name but cannot find a face. I was a mate of David Nicholls
    from Old Roar House so we must have met each other at some time!
    Yes the hard man is Graham Good. Could throw a mean javelin as well as a punch.
  • Ava devine on 01 Jul 2021 Ava devine said

    I'm sad that the school is gone
  • Roger Green on 08 Jul 2021 Roger Green said

    Mixed memories...
    Sad to see it go however.
    Mrs Willey tried to get me through my english O level but I was just not up to the job.
    I never really appreciated how important an education is and really did not try too hard at school. Kinda made up for it after though.
    Anyone remembers me - give us a shout
  • Simon Heanue on 15 Jul 2021 Simon Heanue said

    Stephen Cramp yes I knew David Nicholls no idea what hes doing once we left old roar that was it, oldvroar was destroyed by arsonist a few years ago.
    Yes Good was good at the Javelin also good at table tennis
    Hope all well with you
  • Troye on 12 Sep 2021 Troye said

    I was at Woodlands and The Grove between 1978 and 1984. Luckily my memory is still pretty good and I can recall the following teachers:

    Mrs Jenny Bolt Art - liked her
    Mrs I T Lee Music - liked her
    Mr Coley Drama/English - liked him
    Mr Mark Barrett English - liked him
    Miss Janet Ormerod Health Education - liked her as she was always nice to me but she scared a lot of kids
    Mr Wilfrid C Ralph Headmaster at Woodlands - he was ok
    Mr Edward Sellman French - eccentric but not too bad
    Mrs Kilby Art - nice
    Rev Newland RE - awful humourless being
    Mrs Gill Muhlemann Science - very nice lady
    Miss Clark Science - ok
    Mr Greenhalgh PE - I avoided PE whenever possible
    Mr Mike Thompson PE - northern guy very into canoeing
    Mr Alan Scott PE
    Mr Vic Underwood Science
    Mrs Celia Edith Walton Maths - liked her
    Mr Hugh Singleton Maths
    Mr Dave Lyons French - one of the best I hope he's still with us
    Mrs Bernice Shorrocks PE
    Miss Papworth English - she was incredibly old when she also taught my mum but a friendly soul
    Mr Scrimshaw PE
    Miss N Thomas RE - not bad
    Mr D Hooper Maths - decent guy
    Mrs Elizabeth Willey English - liked her
    Mr Nick Thomas PE - scruffy and rude
    Dr Stewart Anderson German - omg I could write a book on him
    Mr Avery Maths - ok
    Mr Harris Physics - ok but very young I thought he was a 6th former at first
    Mr John Little Chemistry - Cornish man and Captain Kremmen lookalike - a great character
    Mr Tudor Jones Science - nice guy - sorry for taking the piss out of your welsh accent
    Mr Alan Jones Art
    Miss Shirley E Gray Biology - had awful halitosis
    Mr Hugh Nunn TD - decent guy a bit eccentric
    Mr Bryan Fulton-Hart Careers - very eccentric and wanted you to join the Army or be a careers teacher
    Mr D G Bunker Geography
    Mr John Podmore Geography - liked him - my first form teacher at The Grove and went on to big things in the prison service
    Mr Alan Rees Geography - nice guy but learnt more about his personal life and problems than geography
    Mr John Pankhurst Geography - liked him had a gsoh
    Mr Peter Cocker Metalwork - sorry for laughing at your name but I was only 12 - decent sort of guy
    Mr Andrew Necklen Woodwork - not keen on him as he was very anally retentive about his pencils
    Mr Terry Carter Maths - great character but a little odd and wore tartan suits punk rock style
    Mr Whittington Maths
    Mr Norman Herbert Wilcock Headmaster - very strange - known as Batman
    Mrs June Wilcock French - his wife
    Mr Sandaver Woodwork
    Mr John Simmonds English - nice guy and very witty also quite camp
    Miss Lynne Field History - awful woman
    Mr Wilson History - ok
    Mr Smith Maths
    Mr Huggett
    Mr Stroud
    Mr Limberick Science - we gave him an unfortunate genital related nickname
    Mr Richard Allen Deputy Head - liked him he gave me bridge tips
    Mrs Marion Metcalfe Music - one of the best and one of the few who understood what I was about
    Miss Sandy Hoskins Geography
    Mr Sands History - mullet, moustache and a bit arrogant
    Mr Ricketts
    Mr John Beanland
    Mr Nick Ames RE - decent guy gsoh
    Miss P Gell German - Geordie ex-bus driver nice but very hairy legs
    Miss Norton Pastoral Care - nice and friendly
    Miss Gilham Pastoral Care
    Miss Diwell RE
    Miss Anniss
    Mrs Daysent Home Economics
    Mr Giles - ran the chess club
    Miss Shaw
    Mr Newham
    Mr Gregory PE - wore tatty tracksuits

    I left the town in 1993 with good and bad memories of my time in St. Leonards and at The Grove but I still keep in touch with a schoolfriend from those days.
  • Geoff Hill on 10 Dec 2021 Geoff Hill said

    I began thinking about school days..and for no apparent reason remembered "Killer" Duly. Google directed to this site. His face is clearly remembered in my minds eye and although pretty handy with the cane, was the best teacher I ever had. The only one to exploit and encourage what I was good at, namely, composition and words in general.

    I am older than all your contributors it would seem. I attended Grove School from 1946 to 1949 when I left age 15. I seem to remember it called Tower Road School or, more grandly, St Leonard's Secondary Modern School for Boys. Often wonder what became of all my fellow pupils whose names are inscribed in my autograph book. F Nash, Rodney John Beaton, Graham Ball, B Wills, J A Day, "Pablos" Carter and others. In those days everyone had to have an autograph book!. Memory fails me as far as the other teachers were concerned, although I do remember a Mr Escott who taught Metalwork. Why him in particular I have not the slightest notion. I remember a rather large lady lecturing the school assembly about the joys of swimming. She represented HESSA (Hastings and East Sussex Swimming Association). My principal recollection is her insistence that we might, for reasons that escaped me then and still do, experience "strictures". I had no idea to what she was referring .but, whatever they were, the effects were serious!

    I gather from previous postings that the school has been demolished....but the memories are there forever.
  • Andrew Longley on 15 Jan 2022 Andrew Longley said

    I was a pupil at the Grove from 1964 to 1970. Mr. Hatfield was our headmaster, Mr Escott was till there as metalwork teacher, with Mr. Selmes, Mr. Read and other who's names escape me. I have 2 photos taken in June 1970 of the staff and the top class in year four. Will post them when I find them.
  • Stephen Cramp on 16 Jan 2022 Stephen Cramp said

    Andrew Longley, good to see that an old school mate is still alive and kicking!
    We transferred together from Silverdale Primary and I remember cycling to
    the Grove with you on your flashy Moulton (red) bike.
    I followed you on friends reunited - but am now on schoolmates.
    I look forward to seeing your photos and hope my old noggin can remember
    the faces and put names to them.
  • Mike Cox on 17 Jan 2022 Mike Cox said

    Lovely to see all these comments. I was at the Lower Grove from 1975-77 and Upper Grove from 1977-1980. Abiding memories:-

    Arnold Armistead (Arny) Geography teacher. He must have been very short sighted and dead. I recall pupils throwing darts at his maps when his back was turned and other pupils sliding out of their chairs and crawling below the level of the desks and simply leaving the class!

    Mr Bunker (maths). Great shot with the blackboard rubber. He used to suddenly spin on his heel and launch the rubber at whoever was talking while he was chalking. Great accuracy

    Chemistry teacher who administered the “slipper” with a Bunsen Burner rubber tube! Can’t remember his name

    Mr Duly (deputy head). If you were sent to him for the slipper, you had to chose a drawer from a filing cabinet which had different size slippers in it. Folklore held that none of the drawers contained a cricket bat (only as a threat to scare the life out of the pupil)!

    Mr Lyons - French Teacher. One of the best and had a great rapport with the students. Still recall him giving me French merit points for beating him at Chess!

    My Podmore (I think) for PE. Best part of all my years at Upper Grove. School found itself with a problem on its hands with around 8 of us boys who had chosen cookery over woodwork and metalwork but later bailed out but too late to join woodwork / metalwork. Instead the school put on “Outdoor Pursuits”. All morning every Monday we were lucky enough to go on things like orienteering, rock climbing, canoeing, roller skating etc. happy days!
  • Stephen Cramp on 18 Feb 2022 Stephen Cramp said

    Oh yes, Mr Reid and his bunsen burner hose, Thankfully I never got to experience that, but
    Killer Duly whacked me with his cane that had a great lump of elastoplast wound round the
    'business' end! This was in the late '60s, - I didn't know he went on to become deputy head.
    As is mentioned in an earlier post, I can remember the slow measured click of his shoes
    coming down the corridor and the short pause at the door before entering and instructing
    the class "take a seat 4B".
  • Keith Winton on 26 Feb 2022 Keith Winton said

    Reference Andrew Longley post 15/1/2022
    I was at the Grove with Andrew 64 to 70 and have many happy memories of my time there.
    Best mate with BJ Mammone (Dept. head Boy) and still see Nick Andrews but sadly lost Neil Brookshaw and Colin Ward recently.
    I remember Sayers Croft and dropped by there a few years back. From all these posts it was clear Duly had a problem with the volume of canning he dished out: he canned me and Neil in 4.1 for having coloured lines in our otherwise white shirts, He tried the same again in 5.1 and we stood our ground and refused - he walked away. He was always the 5.1 form master and we were allowed to make tea and coffee lunchtimes- we also used to set up a scalextrix as well. He also let me and Simon Davies organise a joint end of term disco with the top class of Woodlands school so he couldn’t have been all bad. Simon is no longer with us but he had a brilliant career in music and went on to manage BROS. Vincent was my favourite teacher, taught me guitar lunchtimes and I went on the co found XODUS and still play.
    Best time was 67-69 when George Bunker formed the new rugby team - we won every game over two seasons,
    Would love to catch up with anyone 1970 5.1 - mail me : keith@keith winton

  • Stephen Cramp on 18 Mar 2022 Stephen Cramp said

    Keith Winton,
    Although I dont remember you we must have known each other by sight at least. Your reminiscences about Simon Davies brought back memories of him and Tom Marshalls' son Ian when at Hastings college 1969 - 73 (Archery Road). I was dating Ians' sister Heather when Simon and Ian were organisers of student entertainment there. One, other or both brought bands to play on the pier - Genesis with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and Budgie (who doesn't remember "Nude disintergrating parachutist woman")?
    Really sad to hear about Simon. Wonder what Ian Marshall & sis are doing now!
    I think Simon was somehow related to business folks at the top of Battle Road, either the Dawn Laundry or the RSPCA shelter - both opposite the Victoria Pub.
  • Adam Hughes on 29 Mar 2022 Adam Hughes said

    The English teacher in 1983 was Mr Huggett. He was brilliant. Always read my stories out loud to the whole class. Mr Wilcox and Mr Thacker were head teachers. They both wore black cloaks. Then there was Mrs Ormarod. Very strict. Always bounding down the noisy corridors looking for strays. "Well get there!" Was always her catchphrase. Legends. Shame the building has been pulled down. So many memories.
  • Adam Hughes on 29 Mar 2022 Adam Hughes said

    Troy Tate. Great list of all the teachers. I remember you well. My mother was friends with your mother, Wendy. We went to your house in St Leonard's often. You have a younger brother but can't remember his name. I left Hastings also and now live in Dublin.
  • Simon Heanue on 29 Mar 2022 Simon Heanue said

    Hey you old Grove's, I'm after bit of help does anyone know/remember the exact address of the School, I need it for to rejoin the Navy and can't find it anywhere, sensible answers appreciated, comical ones allowed ...just
    Many thanks
  • Simon Heanue on 29 Mar 2022 Simon Heanue said

    Hey you old Grove's, I'm after bit of help does anyone know/remember the exact address of the School, I need it for to rejoin the Navy and can't find it anywhere, sensible answers appreciated, comical ones allowed ...just
    Many thanks
  • Adam on 29 Mar 2022 Adam said

    Ever heard of Google?
  • Mandy Hughes on 06 Apr 2022 Mandy Hughes said

    I was at the Grove School in the 80s, can't believe it's gone now so sad lots of memories, remember all those teachers love to know where they are now, I see my brother Adam has mentioned his memories also, yes our Mother was friends with the tate family, sadly our Mother died in 1989 only three years after I left school not a good start for me, miss my school friends, I still have my school books. Mrs shorrocks and Miss Omerod who later became (Mrs Knight) certainly were not nice teachers at all, I was quiet but very naughty I didn't like anyone telling me what to do, I did what I wanted to do, they gave up with me in the end strong personalities clash, I absolutely hated P. E wasn't doing it couldn't force me, I only enjoyed needlework and cooking and I'm brilliant at it, lots of memories, but I was very glad to leave, I will always remember that last day I walked out of that school I turned around and thought that's it girl, this part of your life is over, you're next chapter is starting, it was a very weird feeling, hard to believe that was over thirty years ago ????
  • Mandy Hughes on 06 Apr 2022 Mandy Hughes said

    Would of liked to of seen the school again, before it was gone, but I don't live in Hastings anymore.
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