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The Grove School

The Grove School
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The Grove School

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex - Circa 2012
Photo copyright Bing Maps

  • nelly turner on 21 Jun 2018 nelly turner said

    So sad its gone. I was very happy there.
  • Brenda Redford nee goodchild on 07 Jul 2018 Brenda Redford nee goodchild said

    My brother went to the Grove school in the late 50's.
  • John Brookes on 17 Sep 2018 John Brookes said

    My Old School I was there from 1964/68/69.
    My Form Teacher was Mr Wallace its Heart Breaking to see it gone the best years of my life.
  • Sarah on 11 Oct 2018 Sarah said

    Hello, does anyone remember the name of the head master who worked there in 1992?
  • Brian Evans on 07 Nov 2018 Brian Evans said

    I'm a Canadian who went to The Grove School for a few months in the late winter and spring of 1966 while staying with family at 27 West Hill Road.

    I remember a teacher the kids called Bogey! I don't remember his real name though ( I don't think it was Bogart, but I could be wrong.) I remember there was one other Canadian boy there, son of someone in the Canadian High Commission I think?
  • graham on 02 Dec 2018 graham said

    I was there from 1961 to 1965 they were the happiest days of my life, many names come flooding back of fellow pupils and the amazing teachers. "Topper" Hatfield was the Headmaster, as I get older the memories grow fonder.
    I now live away from Hastings but The Grove will always be special to me.

    Very Best Wishes to any remaining fellow pupils, I hope life turned out well for you.
    Graham Ells
  • Graham Pycock on 06 Dec 2018 Graham Pycock said

    Thanks Graham and best wishes to you. I was at the school from 58 to 63 and I have to say not the best days for me! Nevertheless the teachers were decent and tried their best with us. I much respected "Inky" Inskipp and liked Geography, despite "Killer" Duly who must have had the record for number of canings (I had my share). When I was there the building and facilities were relatively new and we lucky in that respect. It is sad to know it has all gone. I do wonder what happend to my classmates and I trust we all had successful careers from a rather dodgy "11 plus failure" start.
  • Chris Puxley on 19 Feb 2019 Chris Puxley said

    I was there 1957 to 1960, having failed my 11+ at West St Leonards and before going on to a pre-sea training college, passing my necessary 5 GCE's and taking up a career in the shipping industry, at sea and latterly as a Harbour Master / Pilot in the north of England, where I have lived since 1990. My metalwork teacher at the 'Grove' was a Mr Escott. I think the headmaster was a Mr Hatfield and there was a Mr Broadbent. Mr Inskipp I recall (subject ?) and Mr Duly for geography, but wish I could remember others who's faces I still remember, i.e. the French teacher, the P.E. teacher.
    I remember going on a great summer camping holiday with the school in August 1960, where three or four teachers took about twenty of us boys of various terms, on a camping touring holiday, in three dormobiles, (campervans), to France, Monaco, Italy and Switzerland. We sailed from Dover on a cross-channel ferry called 'Lord Warden' and came back via Boulogne I think on a French ferry. I still have the cloth badges that I collected of some of places we passed through or stopped overnight, not necessarily in the right order but include Lyon, Valence, Cannes, Villefranche, Menton and Paris. They were originally sewn onto my dufflebag, The holiday cost my parents about £20.
    I still have a copy of my 1960 Class photo and wonder how we all got on in life. Happy days!!
  • Jean clarke on 25 Feb 2019 Jean clarke said

    Was at the grove school between 1982.1984.i liked it
  • Stephanie Eastley (hawley) on 03 Mar 2019 Stephanie Eastley (hawley) said

    I went to the grove 1978 I loved it
  • Nik on 16 Apr 2019 Nik said

    Can't believe its gone! I was there from 87-93. To Sarah, I think 1992 was when Paul Martin became the head master, just before I left. Can't remember the name of the head that was there before Paul, although I think a long-term headmaster was there when I joined in 87 and retired soon thereafter. I remember Mrs Willey very fondly - I think she passed away some years ago - who was my English teacher. Also Mr Fulton Hart - who was a fantastic teacher! - and also passed away a few years ago. Also remember Tudor Jones very fondly - head of the sixth form in my time. Great memories...
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