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Hillcrest School

Hillcrest School
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Hillcrest School

Rye Road, Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 2012
Photo copyright Bing Maps

  • Paul Bridger on 05 Aug 2017 Paul Bridger said

    The school has just been rebuilt 2016/2017. I remember the first one being constructed as we lived next door to it. The bulldozer drivers used to let us ride aboard and even have a go. We thought it was good of the council to build the hockey (it was all girls then) pitches at the back of our garden as it gave us ready made football pitches complete with goals. We could always run faster than the caretaker.........
  • Peter on 07 Oct 2019 Peter said

    likewise! - we used to bunk over the fence to use the Tennis Courts with friends in the summer evenings, or kick a ball on the pitches.......
  • Jane Snook on 10 Feb 2021 Jane Snook said

    Was this the site of the Old Red Lake girls school?
  • Doreen Reeve on 29 Oct 2023 Doreen Reeve said

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are all fine. I went to this school for about 4 years and left about 1958. I have very happy memories of my time there and loved both my school teachers and class mates.
    I wonder if anyone can remember me which I very much I doubt as it would very difficult for me to remember my class mates. We have all moved on, haven't we, and some of us have become parents and grandparents. I originally lived in St. Leonard's and came to school by bus every day.
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