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Red Lake School

Red Lake School
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Red Lake School

Ore, Hastings, East Sussex - 1992
Photo by Gary Kinch & Dave Benton - Copyright Gary Kinch

  • amanda powys on 12 Jun 2011 amanda powys said

    Just started to research the history of Ore -Hastings elementary/board school- now Ore Centre -
    Looking for information and photos etc. -re teachers..The Misses Hunters and Miss Winifred Funnell.
  • Sandy Norman on 14 Aug 2011 Sandy Norman said

    I am writing a history of my area of St Albans.One of our local residents remembers pupils 9girls) from the Ore school being evacuated to St Albans and they went to her school, St Peter's. The teacher that came with them was a Miss Freed, she says. This teacher remained in St Albans and became the headmistress of another local school. Some of the pupils stayed as well. Thought you might be interested.
  • simon poole on 23 Feb 2015 simon poole said

    My mother attended Red Lake Ore from its opening (I think in 1952) until she left at 15 in 1955. I write this because today (22/02/15) we spoke about her school time and she mentioned Winifred Funnell as being her stern but inspiring head teacher. She also mentioned two female teachers who were in a relationship; quite risqué for the times! I said I'd look on line to see if there were any photos or forums, and here I am. My mother's maiden name, Diana Bennett.
  • Luke Barnes on 09 Apr 2015 Luke Barnes said

    Ah, this brings back good memories, I remember when the school was like this, I was there from 1991 to 1998, now they have "modernised" it and ruined it in my opinion. But this is a spectacular photograph, I may possibly ask hot to obtain a copy in the future. =)
  • Valerie Brookes (nee Renn) on 12 Sep 2015 Valerie Brookes (nee Renn) said

    I was here from early 50's and left in 1957..Headmistress was indeed the very stern but inspiring Winifred Funnel. Miss Thompson was English - Mrs Wisdom was Music - Miss Lance as well as Miss Thompson was French - Miss Willis [who lived on the Ridge] was needlework. There were of course many more but my memory fails with manes although the faces can still be conjured up! [and calling them all Ma'am!]
    Happy Days including the Chocolate Crunch at lunch time!
  • Mavis Tewkesbury (nee Diviani) on 07 Mar 2016 Mavis Tewkesbury (nee Diviani) said

    I attended Oar School for Girls, l949-1952. Remembering Miss Winifred Funnel. Miss Vera Tarry (later to become Mrs Wisdom, also Miss Tugwell (form teacher) Mrs Gibbons PE, Mrs Jobson science. Other members of the class were Rosemary Thunder, Hazel Martin, Dulcie Pilbeam, Barbara Shuttleworth. There was also a teacher living in the small attached house who taught domestic science in the house her name being Miss Wilmot. We had a good net ball team.
  • Jane Snook nee Shannon on 10 Apr 2016 Jane Snook nee Shannon said

    I have at last found my old school, I was here from 1957 to 59 when I had to move back to London. I remember Mrs. Jobson, I think she took us for maths, Miss Daunt ( I think) for music and Miss Teague was. Form teacher. Can recall so many teachers but can't remember their names. Hated playing hockey out on the freezing hockey field, but happy days.
  • Paul Bridger on 05 Aug 2017 Paul Bridger said

    The actual school in this photo was, in 1949 till 1953, Red Lake Infants School. One of my teachers was a Miss Sherriff who thought I was "Smashing". The small road to the left of the main road is Red Lake Road as was and the council houses sitting at 5 o/clock to the school was known as second crescent with a footpath through to what was then a field leading over to Mr Fox's smallholding. If you continue down the photo you will come to the Kings Head (John Hills pub) (Star Brewery Eastbourne) we lived opposite. What different times, I used to vault the back fence turn right and after a 5 min walk would be at the school then aged 5years old. I was there till I went to Clive Vale Juniors.
  • Andy Clark on 24 Feb 2020 Andy Clark said

    Does any one know if Red Lake Infants was on a different site in the mid 1930s? I am working on my father's memoirs who said that he attended the school in 1934. I wondered if it was originally on the junction of the Ridge, Rye Road and Old London Road in Ore, where there is now a community hall. The Hastings Chronicle logs May 1939 as the laying of the foundation stone. If you can help, that would be great, thank you.
  • Yolanda on 22 May 2021 Yolanda said

    I went too red lake school happy memories there was there from 80 too 85 remember Mrs Monday Mr scudamore Mrs Hopkins Mrs fife Mr oak Mrs Ogden and the head mr Ogden.....and the lovely dinner lady Mrs whiteman
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