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Warrior Square

Warrior Square
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Warrior Square

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex - 1992
Photo by Gary Kinch & Dave Benton - Copyright Gary Kinch

  • Victor on 16 Jan 2012 Victor said

    I lived here 2002-2006...
  • David Kent on 16 May 2013 David Kent said

    Hello there,
    Where did you live in Warrior Sq. area and where are you now ?
  • Tony on 18 Oct 2013 Tony said

    Went down to work the season 1973, stayed 5 months and still have great vibes about the place. Is the hotel still in use?
  • Arnoldo on 04 Aug 2021 Arnoldo said

    My wife and I lived in Hastings in 2018, wonderful and colorful town, warrior square is a beautiful place to visit, highly recommended to live or for Holiday
  • SUE PAREAS on 27 Dec 2023 SUE PAREAS said

    In the 50’s & 60’s, my parents No. 72 Warrior Square, and let it out as flats. If a flat happened to become empty during the summer, Mum would take us two children there and we would stay for a night or two. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning with the sun shining, and the beach beckoning us. Our Auntie, Mum’s #ister, would meet us on the beach ‘under the clock’. I believe it’s the same square art deco looking clock that I photographed 8/10 years ago.
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