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Hastings from the Sea

Hastings from the Sea
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Hastings from the Sea

Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1855
Photo from the Geoff Wolfe collection - Copyright 1066online

  • ColinL on 20 Apr 2019 ColinL said

    Pleasant engraving especially the tiny image showing the windmills in the far distance of the East Hill
  • CarswellBob on 10 Jun 2019 CarswellBob said

    St Clement's Church is on the far right, so the mills behind must be on the West Hill. In 1855 they were much closer together. If the image were 1820s the one above the church would be French's Mill, the other one of the 2 Carswell mills, the other perhaps hidden by the hill in the foreground (or omitted by the engraver)
  • ColinL on 21 Nov 2019 ColinL said

    There could be some artistic licence here given the position of St Mary IC ,the castle and the windmills seemingly far distant. It has occured to me that I am not sure that the East Hill had windmills
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