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Pleasant Row Illustration

Pleasant Row Illustration
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Pleasant Row Illustration

Hastings Old Town, East Sussex - Circa 1850
Thank you to Roger Francis for contributing the image

  • frances on 12 Jun 2013 frances said

    i just dont have the words to let people know how these pictures make me feel, they are just amazing to see how things were, to see people walking around then in that time and just looking back, its nice to think people have kept hold of these for us to look back on, theres not a lot of things that catch my interest but this is just so fascinating, thank you so much for sharing.
  • Jacki on 10 Sep 2016 Jacki said

    My Dad and his family lived in this area during the late 1800'/early1900's. Lovely to see images of where they lived. He talked about these often.
  • Jackie on 04 Sep 2017 Jackie said

    Thank you so much for posting these photos,family were living in the Bourne, Old hastings in the 1860s and 70s
  • Jean on 10 Apr 2018 Jean said

    Can you tell me if East Street features in this illustration - my family lived at 7 East Street around this time.
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