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Alexandra Hotel

Alexandra Hotel
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Alexandra Hotel

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, Photo from the Geoff Wolfe collection - Copyright 1066online

  • Colin L on 11 May 2017 Colin L said

    Fading grandeur by the 1960s
    My dad worked there for a few years. I would help out in the washing up or still room on an informal basis ie unpaid.

    If dad was working over Christmas and there were Petite Fours left on the tables after lunch then he would bring some home for us as a treat because they could not serve the same again for reason of hygiene. As with many of those places the guests might have been shocked at the working conditions below stairs
  • Christine lloyd on 02 Aug 2019 Christine lloyd said

    My Mom and step Dad ran it in the very late 60s / 70s
    Mr and Mrs Jonny and Audrey Amato
    I used to come and stay there. I was there one Xmas such a magical time. Happy memories
  • ColinL on 08 Nov 2019 ColinL said

    I seem to think that your mom was known as Madam, the name that staff were directed to call her. Although she may have been replaced by then. Kitchen staff were discouraged or even banned to walk through the main entrance but to use the tiny front steps to the right of the visitor entance, direct to the kitchens and washing up rooms.

    It was an experience and helped me understand the role my dad played in how the place operated
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