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Bathing Pool National Event

Bathing Pool National Event
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Bathing Pool National Event

St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex - Circa 1947. Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online.

  • fern beall on 26 Jun 2011 fern beall said

    was this a new pool back then? and where about was it?
  • chris on 16 Jul 2011 chris said

    Built in the 1930's before WW2 this photo was taken after the war... I used to use it reguarly in the 60's... really sad that it was demolished ... it was at the end of St Leonards seafront near the Bo Peep pub
  • christine townsend on 26 Aug 2011 christine townsend said

    We stayed here - and had a lovely time - I have some really good photos of games played with the waiters (some sort of organized fun and frolics!)
  • mr gadsden on 08 Sep 2011 mr gadsden said

    hi we had some very good holiday`s in the 80`. it was lockated on the coast road by the old bowing green on the road as it bears away from coast road;we visited the site a couple yrs ago unfortuanitly was then a flat piece of land . hope this helps !!!
  • Sharon on 15 Jan 2012 Sharon said

    I used to work at the Bathing Pool when it must have been coming to the end of it's life.
    Have loved looking at all the photo's of it, brings back such wonderful memories but can anyone remember when it finally shut for good.
  • suzanna on 25 Jan 2012 suzanna said

    Hi there i was just looking back at the pictures of the bathing pool i used to work there in the cafe with my mum back in 1978 1980 in the evening, before that i worked cleaning out the rooms then back in 1983 i worked in the sweetshop for a couple of years, i cant remember when it shut but i no i was still going down there with my mates on our motorbikes a few years later, were abouts in the bathing pool did you work we may no each other my name then was suzanna smith
  • suzanna on 25 Jan 2012 suzanna said

    I rememeber jumping off that top board in the summer of 1978 when i should have been working cleaning out the rooms, they were the days
  • Bernard Haywood on 17 Jul 2012 Bernard Haywood said

    In the early 60s I worked there in the school holidays and at the weekends. I was working in general maintenance with the foreman Fred Bircham, Frank ?, and Reg White. The owner then was Sid Withers. There were 2 bars, The Princess Bar and The Dive Inn. There was a snack bar at each end of the Pool and and a sweet shop at the front. After I left school I spent the remaining summer working as a waiter for the princely sum of £8. per week although I usually made that up in tips. I would love to hear from anyone who worked with me during that summer.
  • dave on 23 Aug 2012 dave said

    yep my friend and i used to sneak in and spend the money our mums gave us in the shop at the front!!, one very hot and long school hol spent there that summer, the last before i left school. was actually at primary school in west st leonards with a lad surname withers i think, his dad owned the bathing pool so i believe. a true memorial to the king of concrete that place was.
  • Pat Wilton on 26 Jan 2013 Pat Wilton said

    we went for our annual family holiday to this wonderful place. There were rusty springer rocking horse downstairs in the childrens indoor playroom, and a cupboard full of roller-skates (strap-on type) that you could skate a rainy day away on. I remember Johnny Carson, the entertainments manager, and the stones with holes competition, fancy dress and talent comps. But the best bit was the pool -learned to swim there, and jumped off high board eventually. How high was it? Terrifying to an 11 year old! And i was allowed to stay up to 9pm, finishing the evening with a dance on my dad's toes, before going to bed in our chalet. So many memories, I could write a book.
  • Sally on 05 Feb 2013 Sally said

    I worked at the bathing pool summer of 1979 and 1980. I worked on the Reception. Such a fun place to work with all the comings and goings!!
  • Michael Bird on 16 Feb 2013 Michael Bird said

    Going through some old photos brought me to this web. I worked as a waiter in the restaurant during the summers of 1962 and 1963. I have a photo of the restaurant and waiting staff of 1962 (I think). I remember the restaurant was run by a Greek Cypriot man and wife, she ran the snack bar adjoining the restaurant and got so fed up with the pop music on the jukebox that she had Greek music in the mix.
    I don't remember many names, but if this sounds familiar please make contact.
  • Justin Windsor on 07 Nov 2013 Justin Windsor said

    Do you have fond memories of splashing about at the Hastings/St.Leonards Lido / Bathing Pool or know someone who does? The older the memories the better!
    I am a researcher at BBC Inside Out South East and we are currently making a short feature about iconic structures in the South East.
    We would love to hear from anyone with fond memories of the Hastings/St.Leonards Lido (preferably with pics) with a view to setting up an interview as part of a feature for our upcoming series.
    Please contact me either on this forum or by email to discuss.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
  • joy on 12 Feb 2015 joy said

    This was my favourite family holiday ever.There were loads of kids my age on holiday with their children's home. one night wben all the adults were dancing in the ballroom, we had a moonlight swim that was just amazing. During the day mum& dad had trouble getting me out of the pool. best holiday camp we ever went to.
  • Martin Barnett on 08 Apr 2015 Martin Barnett said

    I was in the hollies children's home in Sidcup,and we holidayed here in 1966,,I can remember watching England win the World cup sitting crossed legged in the television room,, the swimming pool filled with sea water,,lovely memories,,I was 10 and Hastings was celebrating 900th anniversary of the battle of Hastings
  • Steve on 09 May 2016 Steve said

    Really sad to see this has gone now, I was just talking to my son's girlfriend about this place, and the mischief we used to get up to so decided to check out if it was still about, sadly not, I used to be in a boys home in Maldon Essex called the Gables in the 70's, I think we went 2 or 3 times in the time i was there, I remember sneaking out of the chalet to go swimming late at night and getting told off for making to much noise as the place echoed with the slightest noise lol, and obviously the usual summer romance, think everyone at some stage had a summer girl friend just for the 2 weeks we were there lol...miss the good times...
  • Angela Anderson on 20 May 2016 Angela Anderson said

    Please does anyone know of

    Gerry Ogivy Entertainments Manager circa 1981/82/83/84 Bagpiper. Angela Anderson. People there Iris and her group from Stanley. Can you help thanks.
  • Angela Anderson on 20 May 2016 Angela Anderson said

    Bathing Pool Lido Hastings my last comment
  • Angela Anderson on 20 May 2016 Angela Anderson said

    Justin Windsor hope you can receive my messages. Thanks again
  • Gerry on 04 Nov 2016 Gerry said

    Hi Angela I was trying to think who you are and I am sure I will know. My friend told me of your message so here I am !! It sounds fanscinating so please let me know. all the best ...e mail me
  • Richard on 14 Jul 2017 Richard said

    Some of the happiest times of my life were spent there.
  • Andy Clark on 17 Nov 2017 Andy Clark said

    I was at Hastings Grammar School and in the 6th form we were allowed to choose a sport for options. I went for squash and used to play on a court here in 1975-76. I don’t think there were any others in Hastings or St Leonard’s at the time. Good times...
  • Linda Gaffney on 08 Feb 2018 Linda Gaffney said

    I used to work there in 1973, I remember it well,the large snooker room that looked out to sea, the ballroom and the tiny staff chalets,so sorry it's gone forever...x
  • DAVE BILTON on 02 Mar 2018 DAVE BILTON said

    I worked here as a waiter 1962/63 for Mr Kay a greek Cypriot who Had the franchise to supply all the food for the campers I to jumped off the top diving board. I remember Mr withers and his odd job man Fred I remember Barbara Lane another waitress it was a great job no Money of course but plenty of time off between meals I was earning £8 a week plus tips Happy Days. Don't remember Michael Bird but sounds like we were there at the same time.
  • Steve Edwards on 05 Mar 2018 Steve Edwards said

    Roller skating in the 50's. Used to roller skate round the walkway at the top. Saturday nights. Used to be quieter at the bathing pool than it was in the amusement arcade at the Old Town. They used to have a Coca Cola machine whereby ou put the can of ordinary temperature Cola in one end and it came out the other ice cold.
  • Lynn on 16 Apr 2019 Lynn said

    In the late 50’sthey ran a diving school for a week each year. Sussex champion Tommy Mather plus others would go to the top board swing a person back and forth over the edge than quickly would pick up a dummy and throw it over the side. As the board was so high the exchange couldn’t be seen.
    Fantastic pool. I competed in county championships there and was very grateful as there were no turns which weren’t my strong point.
  • Doreen wood on 25 Feb 2020 Doreen wood said

    Which lynn are you? Do you remember me from Hastings in the diving school helpiing to coach with Tommy Mather senior.
  • Gerry Ogilvie on 08 Apr 2021 Gerry Ogilvie said

    Hi is angela anderson still here me..thanks
  • Danny on 25 May 2021 Danny said

    We used to go to the bathing pool when not at school (the Grove), must have been 1963 ish, just down the road from where we lived in Malmesbury House. Always remember as a boy getting to the bottom of the diving section at 15ft deep trying to find the plug. Rumour had it that the pool discharged into the sea. Never did find it.
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