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Bohemia Road & Wheatsheaf Inn

Bohemia Road & Wheatsheaf Inn
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Bohemia Road & Wheatsheaf Inn

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. Circa 1921. Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online.

  • Sandra Thompsett on 25 Aug 2018 Sandra Thompsett said

    So many shops in Bohemia Road back then. So sad that most of them are no longer there
  • ColinL on 11 Aug 2019 ColinL said

    The existence of the small shop however relies on customers not using the big supermarkets for everything that developed from the l960s and with the expansion of refrigeration in people's homes that enabled them to buy perishable foods that could then be kept in the home for longer periods. Now some domestic fridge/freezers are the same size as small kitchens!

    Luckily there has been a push back by some people opening small shops and offering service, quality, ahd source of food history from farms and kitchens. Other aspects are people looking for organic ,and minimum packaging. Luckily for me in the NE within 30 yards I have a whole street of independents. We have a range of kosher & Halal shops, several small greengrocers and grocers, a cold meat shop, shoe repairs, tailors, bakers and a hardware shop (not doing too well at present), and the modern nail bar and tattoo shop and several phone computer shops. . Residents did unsuccessfully petition against a small T****o that raised more objections than any application by the council in recent years.

    We can only have small shops if people use them
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