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Broomgrove Power Stations

Broomgrove Power Stations
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Broomgrove Power Stations

Ore Valley, Hastings, East Sussex. Circa 1966. Photo contribution and copyright Derek Jempson.

  • R Huntingdon on 25 Oct 2016 R Huntingdon said

    Fascinating stuff, never did see the old coal - fired Corporation Electricity Dept station in action, or the nearby Tramway one with its reciprocating engines, I was told they made AC there and it was distributed to Silverhill and Bulverhythe to be converted to DC by "rotaries" Both stations took advantage of the streams in the area for their condensers and cooling towers. I think there's still a Tramway Substation near the speed camera where the Stables theatre is too. But I DO recall going to the Broomsgrove Power Station with tank cars of Jet fuel when on the railway. There were 8 Rolls Royce "Avons" in there they told me, so the station could come online very quickly if need be. Sadly, like so much of Hastings' history, it's all long gone now. Except for the "Furniture Warehouse" on Earl st. Would've loved a tour of all this old kit when it was running years ago !
  • Richard Pollard on 20 Nov 2016 Richard Pollard said

    Hi, I worked at the Gas Turbine Power Station for quite a few years operating the turbines when called for, a bit eerie at night when you were on your own especially in a thunder storm and all the alarms started to light up and sound when the grid was struck by lightning. At this present time I am writing a book on the first electrical supplies in Hastings from 1881 more or less up to when Broomgrove Gas turbine station came on line.
    I have quite a collection of pictures of Earl Street Power Station and the old Coal Plant at Broomgrove.
    If you want any further info, then please let me know through the Admin of this site.
  • Mr Jack T Ling on 08 Apr 2020 Mr Jack T Ling said

    locks good would love to see some colour photos of the last station as i did not even new this existed till i saw something on face-book then i locked in to it and then came across this quite interesting bit of hastings before my time

    Jack T Ling
  • Nigel Weir on 14 Jul 2020 Nigel Weir said

    Many Years ago I went to the site where they were building the power station with my granddad George Russell. We went to see his brother Bill who was the Architect to the Power station, he was living in a big caravan on site.
    I now live just behind where the Power Station was and I remember it being demolished. In a way I was sad to see it go.
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