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Corner of The Creek & Bourne Walk

Corner of The Creek & Bourne Walk
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Corner of The Creek & Bourne Walk

Hastings Old Town, East Sussex. Circa 1906. Image contribution and copyright Richard Pollard.

  • Geoff Wolfe on 24 Jan 2016 Geoff Wolfe said

    This building was at the bottom of Creek Steps and was demolished as part of The Bourne Clearance that started in 1935, clearing away the slums to make way for The Bourne road as we know it today. The Creek Steps leading to All Saints Street still exist and there is a bus stop where this house once stood.
  • Jim Breeds on 25 Jan 2016 Jim Breeds said

    Hi, I have three copies of that postcard. Collecting inevitably leads to duplicates. :-) A Woodbury Series card, no. 1718. Two of mine are postmarked. The earliest is dates September 19th 1906. It's called "Old Hastings". I didn't know before that it was on the corner of The Creek. Thanks.
  • Yan Al on 17 Feb 2019 Yan Al said

    such a shame the bourne clearance, such an incredibly large loss of historic buildings, from people i asked who lived in old town at the time, there is a sense it wasn't wanted and there was a less then honorable reason behind it. What did we get out of it, a old town crudely cut in half, a road not needed and there is a strong correction between the town going downhill and the bourne clearance. Of interest i spoke to an individual who works for unseco several years ago and they said if the bourne clearance and town centre clearance not gone ahead Hastings would now be a world heritage site and resulting financial gain would of benefited the town hugely.
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