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Dimarco Bros Cafe

Dimarco Bros Cafe
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Dimarco Bros Cafe

Wellington Place, Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1970
Thank you to Sam Hyland for contributing the photo

  • Sandra on 20 Dec 2011 Sandra said

    Good old Dimarco's always open when you needed it, now a macdonalds!
  • Mandy on 19 Mar 2012 Mandy said

    I have very fond memories of my dad regularly taking me with him to work with him (I think he was driving a laundry van and Dimarco's was one of his stops) and taking me in to Dimarco's for a Knicker Bocker Glory in the early 60's
  • John Bone on 18 Apr 2012 John Bone said

    Dimarco's used to supply my old school (St. Mary's Star of The Sea) with ice cream on field day. Great times.
  • Martin on 21 Jun 2012 Martin said

    We used to come out of the White Rock Baths and walk along to Dimarco's for a glass of coke and a couple of their lovely sausage rolls.
  • Les Tizard on 07 Jul 2012 Les Tizard said

    My wife used to work there for years before they closed down.
    She was a waitress on the restaurant side.
    The two brother Michael & Phil didn't like each other very much, but sister Emily used to keep the peace.
    I have a few photos of the old place [back & front] befoe the demolished it!
    Can always send a few attachments, Cheers - HAPPY DAYS!
  • Kevin on 19 Jan 2013 Kevin said

    Is that the reason why there were two entrances to the cafe from Wellington place.As a kid there was always a posh part which we never went in and the other side where we'd go which I'd call the poorer side great days
  • Andy on 12 Feb 2013 Andy said

    Used to go into Town with my partner[,still together now] and have a coffee milky tall glass,oh how i miss that place
  • Les Tizard on 12 Feb 2013 Les Tizard said

    Seem to have lost the pics of Dimarcos back entrance - facing the sea. If they turn up will post them to this site
    Cheers Tiz
  • Caroline on 10 Aug 2013 Caroline said

    What's your wifes name? I worked there with Paul, Colin and Jane, to name a few. It was great fun. The Knickerbocker Gory was lovely and the Peach Melba. Phil, Michael and Lou (the brothers) were all so different. You could always get round Mr Lou! Seems a lifetime ago now!
  • Colin Lunt on 05 Sep 2013 Colin Lunt said

    The left side was as it says, for snacks and was as such a coffee bar where as the right hand was for sit down meals. As I remember it there was a connecting door for staff between the two counters which were back to back. I was only ever bought one Knicker Bocker Glory but there was too much so I did not finish it which proved my parents right of not having aloowed my one peviously. I seem to remember my mum worked there for a time
  • Colin Larsen on 19 Oct 2014 Colin Larsen said

    Sad to hear that Dimarcos is now a Macdonalds ....last contact with the family was a weekend mini golf tournament in Hastings hosted by Mike in 1975....think Mike was setting up his own cafe at the time... be great to hear from Mike again...
  • David Berry on 07 Dec 2014 David Berry said

    sad to see its gone i remember my mum taking us in there for a meal each time we came into hastings shame they had to change it for all this new fast food rubbish hard to find somewhere that does real food any more everyones in to much of a rush these days. god bless Dimarcoes still lives on in many peopls memories.
  • Pat Moore (Godden) on 05 Aug 2016 Pat Moore (Godden) said

    Every Saturday afternoon we would visit Dimarco Bros .... Mum would have Welsh Rarebit with Brown Sauce, Cup Tea, Dad would have Meat Pie or Shepherds Pie with Vegetables, Cup Tea, Knicker Bocker Glory for me and a Bottle Lucozade. I have never in my lifetime to date found a Knicker Booker Glory with that taste .... Fruit Cocktail, that famous Italian Ice Cream, Strawberry Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Cream, Wafer and a Cherry on the top, an indulgent layer after layer .... thank you Dimarco Bros for my childhood memories especially the one where I was allowed to make my own!
  • leslie & margaret ;2 Tizzies] on 23 Dec 2016 leslie & margaret ;2 Tizzies] said

    Wife Margaret worked there on the waitress side [posh] for many years retired at 60 when the place closed down. Lou [Dipaolo]Emilies hubby was everyones favourite The dipaolo family now have a cafe on the Marina opposite Dela Warr Pavilion Same lovely Ice cream but [now called 'GELLATO']
    We are in our Nineties & live in Australia since 2007 CHEERS !
  • leslie & margaret tizard on 05 Jan 2017 leslie & margaret tizard said

    Please send us a note to let us know we are still alive !!
  • Simon on 17 Feb 2017 Simon said

    Great place went there in the 70s as a primary school child can picture the Dimarcos now
  • Peter on 06 Apr 2017 Peter said

    Mum and dad used to take me and my sister for a family treat. We were only little but I have Many memories of the sounds and smells. Pretty sure we had a knickerbocker glory or two when ban came to. Is it. Good memories.
  • frederick saunter on 08 Jun 2018 frederick saunter said

    I was a frequent customer of di marco"s in the 60s when i lived in bedsit land mainly in the cafeteria side but sometimes in the posh side and i used to love their welsh rarebit.and i chatted up one of the waitresses and we dated for a short time went to the cinema etc. she was nice.such happy memories when hastings was a nice town with the memorial clock tower and all the nice Indivisual shops and coffee bars record shops i think the film we went to see was butch cassidy and the sundance kid with robert redford i"m now in my 70th year but still remember those days with fondness.
  • rob treby on 25 Jun 2018 rob treby said

    Used to go in Dimarcos quite a lot in the 60's with my friends Kevin H and Fly. Only weekends and holidays though as my parents had a place in Crowhurst but lived in London during the week.
    Can't remember the inside of Dimarcos though!
  • rob treby on 25 Jun 2018 rob treby said

    PS- I was known as Bob then!
  • Liz Palombo on 08 Oct 2018 Liz Palombo said

    I used to work in dimarcos on the side serving meals.Great times and many fond memories.I had a soft spot for Mr Lou.I remember working with Daphne Tizzy Maureen .Anyone else have memories of working there.?Of course johnnie di Paolo opened his own cafe in Bexhill.Have just found out he is retiring.It will be the end of an era .very sad..
  • Paul Kleiman on 27 May 2019 Paul Kleiman said

    This photo has jogged a memory. As a teenager we had a couple of holidays in Hastings in the mid-60s. De Marcos rings a bell. Our ‘gang’ used to regularly go to a café which had a jukebox. Did De Marcos have a jukebox then?
  • Joanne on 09 Sep 2019 Joanne said

    Lez Tizzard, you said your wife worked there for years did she used to have dark hair & wear glasses? If so she always was our waitress. Lovely lady. I can still picture the brothers. Were they twins?
    I’m 51 now but I have very fond memories when mum & dad always took my brother, sister & myself to Dimarcos in the 70s. We always had our holidays at Hastings mainly up Shearbarn. I remember they always paid using luncheon vouchers. I can remember our visits there quite well very fond memories ????
  • Adam Hughes on 03 Oct 2019 Adam Hughes said

    I remember Dimarcos very well. My late mum always took me and my sister there for Welsh rarrabit and Knickerbocker Glories. What a name. Often we would meet my dad there for lunch. This was in the 80's. I live in Dublin now. Such wonderful memories.
  • Adam Hughes on 03 Oct 2019 Adam Hughes said

    Does anybody remember Vera Hughes, my mum. She was a bit of a character and well known and respected in Hastings. She died of cancer in 1989. We love you mum! X
  • Elizabeth Woodcock on 05 Oct 2019 Elizabeth Woodcock said

    I worked there on Saturdays when I was at the High school. I was SO nervous of the cook. We had to say "Fish,chips and beans" or "Fish ,chips and green ones (peas) , when ordering. Mr Phil was the grumpy one of the siblings.
  • Elizabeth Woodcock on 05 Oct 2019 Elizabeth Woodcock said

    This was in 1960 I think. I worked on both sides ,one wasself service so I just cleared the tables. 1/6 an hour!
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