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Old Town Boating Lake

Old Town Boating Lake
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Old Town Boating Lake

Hastings Old Town, East Sussex
Thank you to David Redfearn for contributing the image
Copyright Redfearn Archive

  • Paul Bridger on 28 Sep 2017 Paul Bridger said

    I remember these little boats in the 50s. They were started in the morning by the attendants and ran all day "phut phutting" away till they were stopped at night. If I remember right they were fitted with a Stuart Turner engine 4 stroke. On rare occasions when funds were flush I actually had a go.
  • Chris Olney on 19 Jan 2019 Chris Olney said

    I have been on these boats too! Can't recall the price, but I would think it was about 2/6d. This would have been c1957/8 when dad took me down from Leatherhead for a day out. Close by was the little narrow gauge railway which I rode on back in terrified me as it was open carriages with hardly any sides! My Dad's folks and also my Great Grandparents came from Hastings (Surname Olney), and they lived in Salisbury Road near the Park.

    Perhaps some of recall the Fireworks display on Alexandra park which I think was every Tuesday or perhaps the a Tuesday once a month. This would have been c1962 when the Old Pumping Station was still there. Dad, who passed away in 2010 (84) always loved Hastings and yes, it was nicer back then, now it's full of all and sundry, and personally, I feel it's lost a lot of it's charm, but I have fond memories of the place and the Old Town just the same.

    My Dad upped sticks and was literally desperate to move back down there, but in fact ended up in Little Common. I think the Spirits of his Forebears were calling him back. His ashes were sprinkled in a Park in Dorking where my Mum will also be there very shortly (19/1/19). She was a Dorking person from 1930 and our family business was based there from the mid 1800s. Mum was 92. Happy days!
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