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Eversfield Hospital Revolving Shelters

Eversfield Hospital Revolving Shelters
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Eversfield Hospital Revolving Shelters

West Hill Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online.

  • Marshall Davey on 24 Jan 2016 Marshall Davey said

    I used to visit my Dad in the TB hospital in Ore village and then some years later visited an Uncle in this hospital. They's be out in these chalets regardless of the weather... wind, rain or snow! I seem to remember that the chalets were on wheels and could be turned around to avoid the wind. Lovely in the summer but not so pleasant in the depths of winter. I believe the treatment is obsolete now and they use other methods. How successful this particular treatment was, I'm not sure. Both men passed away in their 70's, both smoked heavily in their lifetimes - so who knows....
  • Patricia on 24 Jan 2016 Patricia said

    Do you know when the outside shelters treatment ceased to be used at Eversfield Hospital?
  • Andy Clark on 18 Nov 2017 Andy Clark said

    My father was also treated for TB in an outside ward in the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital in Margate in the late 40s. He was there for 18 months. The only concession was plastic sheets over the beds so that the nurses could shake off the snow! He lived until 88 so there must have been something in it.
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