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Guinness Clock

Guinness Clock
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Guinness Clock

Hastings, East Sussex. Thank you to Richard Pollard for contributing the image.

  • Sandie Carlyon on 17 Oct 2010 Sandie Carlyon said

    HI. I remember this lovely clock from my childhood. I have always wondered what happended to it. Does anyone know.Maybe the council have it hidden away somewhere. There were only a few made. Sandie
  • g.kirby on 27 Nov 2010 g.kirby said

    please could you tell me when the clock was removed. I loved it dearly as a child,thanks ged.
  • David Saunby on 15 Jan 2011 David Saunby said

    I remember the Guinness Clock in the White Rock Gardens 1957/58 when I lived at Warrior Gardens as a 7/8 year old.
  • steve on 26 Sep 2011 steve said

    Hi. Is there any way of obtaining a print of the Hastings Guinness Clock postcard on your site, or of contacing Mr Pollard to see if he might consider selling the card. I originally had this very card as a small boy, and since it got lost 48 years ago I have been hoping I might be able to find a replacement for what was a very treasured possession.
    Would very much appreciate an e-mail even if the answer is not positive.
    Steve Moore
  • merv evans on 05 Jul 2013 merv evans said

    I had the impression it was brought round several seaside resorts and was only in Hastings a few weeks each year. In mid 1950s it was always on seafront near small bath of White Rock Baths opp entrance to Robertson Street.
  • John Speller on 09 Aug 2014 John Speller said

    I remember the Guinness clock when visiting Holsworthy, Devon in 1955 or 1965.
  • Tony Garrett on 09 Jan 2016 Tony Garrett said

    I remember seeing the clock while on holiday at Weymouth , in the 1950' s .
  • Richard Pollard on 21 May 2016 Richard Pollard said

    Apparently there were a few Guinness clocks made for about 5 or 6 major seaside locations and were displayed at high visibility sites in all towns, they were sited only for about two years all told before they were removed for good, and obviously only displayed at high season.
    I can remember a small lorry arriving on the promenade in about mid June of 1957 and removing the clock from the back whereby 2 men reassembled the clock and made it into what you see on the postcard.
    As regards selling the card that I'm afraid we can't do, but Ebay has for the last few weeks had this card on there for sale and not always sold, look under Hastings Postcards! If for what ever reason it is now not available then please contact (Geoff) the adim man who will pass your details onto me and I would willingly make a print for you at no cost, just let me know!

    Richard P
  • Jill on 16 Aug 2016 Jill said

    Hi All,

    You may be interested to know I have one of the Guinness Clock postcards currently for sale on E-bay, although not attributed to its time in Hastings.
    It's a black & white vintage Valentine's 'clean' (i.e. not used) version, currently on 'auction' with just the one starting bid of .99p and expires this Thursday (18th August).

    I wasn't previously aware of the history behind the Guinness Clock before I came across your site today so it was very interesting to learn about it, and particularly because up until quite recently I used to live near Hastings. Am I right in thinking it was placed in front of 'The Italian Way'?
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