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Buchanan Hospital

Buchanan Hospital
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Buchanan Hospital

Springfield Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. Circa 1905. Photo by Frederick Nutt Broderick.

  • Derek Wakefield on 14 Mar 2014 Derek Wakefield said

    Lovely old picture - I was born in this hospital in 1963 - believe it no longer exists.
  • Ysabelle Grant on 07 Jul 2014 Ysabelle Grant said

    I was born here in 1991, shame about it not being there anymore. i would of love to of revisited it.
  • Rosie on 18 Feb 2015 Rosie said

    Seeing a picture of this building brings back very very sad memories, yet I still feel the need to search for details regarding this hospital. I was sent here in 1976 to have my baby as I was an unmarried mother and they removed my baby immediately after birth. My local hospital's practice was to give baby to mum for a few weeks prior to adoption but not at the Buchanan. I had not heard of this practice before or since. Still gives me the shivers seeing the place. The staff were strict and rude, except for one nurse who was very kind. Thankfully, I was reunited with my daughter 26 years later.
  • Teresa Catherine on 14 Jun 2015 Teresa Catherine said

    My mum had me 10 weeks early here while on Holiday. Glad I survived against all the odds as I got to be there for her and in the final months of her life. Hastings will always hold a special place in my heart for my birthplace and my wonderful Mum. Fairlight Glen was where her Labour started lol. 43 years later I was born 1971.
  • claire on 07 Jul 2015 claire said

    We now own the bakery that was across from there, now called the Little Mill, unsurebifthename had been changed as it has been a bakery since the early 1900s, would love to see some photos if there are any but as of yet we haven't come across any
  • devraj on 25 Oct 2015 devraj said

    i worked in buchanan hospital 1979 -1982
    i would like to contact any midwives from then- Mavre Rolle, Cork, Helen Mc Mahon etc
  • Lesley baldock on 09 Nov 2015 Lesley baldock said

    I was born here in Jan 1966.
  • Valerie on 02 Feb 2016 Valerie said

    Worked here as part of my SRN training with the Hastings School of Nursing RESH [circa 1957 - 1963]. Worked on Gynae ward think it was called Clowes Pritchard Ward.] Did nights and days travelling by bus from Cambridge Road from the RESH although did at one time live in the Nurses Home there. [As a pre nursing cadet I worked on the Maternity ward upstairs].
  • Alan Stackman on 20 Feb 2016 Alan Stackman said

    My eldest son was born there in 1962. Valerie may have been one of the nurses.
  • Eric Waters on 18 Oct 2016 Eric Waters said

    And I was born here in 1942.
  • Jan on 19 Oct 2016 Jan said

    My son & daughter were both born in the Buchanan during 1973 & 1975 & I have such fond memories of my time there & living in Hastings I missed it so much when we eventually moved lots & lots of happy memories my daughter lives abroad now & the blood type i was given at her birth in the Buchanan which was the same as my own doesn't match what she has been given abroad I've been told all records are distroyed after a period of time. I still have the little card they gave me with her blood type and birth weight on it's a bit of a mystery!
  • Pamela Cliffe on 06 Feb 2017 Pamela Cliffe said

    It is interesting to see a photograph of the Buchanan Hospital. I have only just discovered that
    my step-grandmother, Mary Julia Farmer, died there in 1933, so what type of hospital was it at
    that time? I don't know the nature of her illness.
  • Mrs Kathy Haye on 18 Feb 2017 Mrs Kathy Haye said

    I was a midwife here in 1966 left in in 1967 to get mated Kathleen Hawthorn
  • Nerita Higham on 20 Feb 2017 Nerita Higham said

    Anybody who worked at this hospital remember a child by this name Nerita Higham born 25August 1965 ?
  • Chris Parris on 12 Jul 2017 Chris Parris said

    I was born here in August 1941
  • Jackie on 20 Jan 2018 Jackie said

    I was born here in 1958. Both my children were born there too in 1990 and 1994
  • Nicola Sullivan on 24 Mar 2018 Nicola Sullivan said

    I have just found out I was born here in April 1966!
  • Lois on 22 Apr 2018 Lois said

    Ah, such lovely memories. I lived in St. Leonards-on-Sea from 1955 to 1976. Trained as a nurse at RESH and St Helens, and did a 3 month secondment at the Buchanan Hospital during my training. I was there during 1975, I think. I worked with a friend of my Mum's, a lady called Lis. She was a Nursery Nurse in the Special Care baby unit. Looking back, we had very few facilities for the frail babies we cared for, but what we lacked in equipment, we had in love in abundance.
    After I qualified as a Registered Nurse, I trained as a Midwife, but did not follow that path. My working life has been in caring for older people.
  • Angela Tombs on 27 May 2018 Angela Tombs said

    I was born here in March 1967 it’s a little creepy to see the hospital now as it looks so old fashioned
  • Pauline Sims on 24 Jun 2018 Pauline Sims said

    I was born here in 1948.
  • Angela Angel on 09 Aug 2018 Angela Angel said

    I was born here in 1971, my mother was unmarried and I was later adopted. I knew the hospital had since been demolished. This is the first time I've seen a picture of my birthplace.
  • Dale Crouch on 17 Aug 2018 Dale Crouch said

    I was born here 2nd April 1958
  • Peter Chainey on 27 Sep 2018 Peter Chainey said

    I was born here in Buchanan Hospital 23 ed September 1945 I understand the Hospital had been bombed would love to see some photos of the damage done during second word war
  • Pat Brazzier on 28 Dec 2018 Pat Brazzier said

    I believe my father, known then as Reggie Brazzier (aged 11) in 1928, spent time in this hospital recovering after being knocked down by a car in Bexhill.
  • Teresa Catherine on 27 Jul 2019 Teresa Catherine said

    It is still there but it's converted into flats went & visited
  • Adam Hughes on 25 Aug 2019 Adam Hughes said

    I was born at this hospital in 1969. In 1974 I discovered my school classmate was born here on the same day. My mum also had my twin brothers here in 1978. Lots of memories.
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