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Bus 134 to Fairlight

Bus 134 to Fairlight
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Bus 134 to Fairlight

Hastings, East Sussex
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online

  • Gerry Glyde on 23 Sep 2013 Gerry Glyde said

    This looks as if it was taken at Wellington Place/ York Buildings, approaching the Memorial showing Theakers Chemist in the background left and possibly Mozely's hanging sign on the far right.
  • harry on 22 Oct 2014 harry said

    I used to catch this service to my school in Priory Road
  • Chris Parris on 12 Jul 2017 Chris Parris said

    I used to drive these old Bristol SO busses in the early sixties, and remember them well. The service numbers changed by prefixing them with a 1. These single deckers were mainly used on the old 35 and 51 routes, Fairlight Glen. Parker Road, The Green and Bexhill Cemetery. Most other routes used double deckers, either Bristols, Leyland PD2's, or later on the Atlanteans
  • John Thorpe on 23 Apr 2018 John Thorpe said

    I remember boarding this bus which was crammed full and it struggling up the long labourious hills to eventually stopping at the top of West Hill and the Conductor shouting out "Heaven"
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