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Caple ne Ferne

Caple ne Ferne
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Caple ne Ferne

2 Albany Road, St Leonards - Circa 1985
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection - Copyright 1066online

  • Alan Davis on 19 Jul 2013 Alan Davis said

    Capel ne Fern in those days was a convalescence home for employees of mainly London transport
  • Geoff Wolfe on 19 Jul 2013 Geoff Wolfe said

    Hi Alan, yes you're right. We have written a bit about Caple ne Ferne in the history section if you are interested.
  • Michael Hall on 02 Aug 2014 Michael Hall said

    My grandparents used to be the superintendants at Caple, known affectionately as 'The Home' by those convalescing there from London Transport. I have wonderful memories of our family members enjoying so many Christmas holidays in the huge building. This would be during the 1950's. I saw the 'home' last year during a nostalgic visit to Hastings. The sight of such a majestic building so neglected almost brought me to tears, as has your narrative. A lovely old building that so many people had put love and dedication into, including my parents, who also worked there. We lived in Albany Road, in properties owned by The Friendly Society and rented to workers at 'The Home'. I left Hastings in 1966 to join the Royal Air Force.
  • margi on 21 Nov 2016 margi said

    Hi there I'm a final year student studying social history and I'm doing a study of Hastings during the interwar years if anyone has any photos or written accounts from the time this was used as a rest home for people who were working for London transport I would be very interested in using them for my dissertation. please get in touch. kind thanks
  • Nigel Parker on 11 Jul 2017 Nigel Parker said

    Any photos recalled re caple ne ferne to put up in hallway In it's new use as 8 apartments greatly appreciated NP
  • David Adamthwaite on 02 Nov 2018 David Adamthwaite said

    I spent two weeks there in 1969 recovering from meningitis it was run like a gentleman's club put me back on my feet and to a full recovery, wonderful place shame it not being used to it's full potential.
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