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Coghurst Gates

Coghurst Gates
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Coghurst Gates

Ore, Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1908
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online

  • David Fairbrother on 21 May 2013 David Fairbrother said

    As a child living in Victoria Ave. I well remember playing in this Gatehouse. Sadly it was derelect by then (1950/53) but my mother who was brought up in Winchelsea Rd., told of visits to the estate( owned then I think by the Briscoe family) with her Aunt who was a Dressmaker & Corsettiere. These photos are a wonderful source of info. about a completely different way of life! Thank you
  • Lloyd Johnson on 01 Oct 2014 Lloyd Johnson said

    I lived in Clifton road just off The a child in the 50s my mates I would play in Coghurst Woods and the gatehouse...the Gatehouse would be our Nottingham Casle if we were playing Robin Hood or it could just as easily become a 7th cavalry fort if we were playing Cowboys and Indians...I have great memories of Coghurst during the 50s .We were always playing there and Arvy Tarvy the fields which a joined the woods..I think there is a school on those fields now....
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