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Prince Albert Memorial

Prince Albert Memorial
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Prince Albert Memorial

Hastings, East Sussex
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online

  • Frances Lewis on 07 Aug 2016 Frances Lewis said

    I remember this beautiful town centre clock from my childhood in Hastings. Plummers, the department store stood opposite. It's now a Debenhams. When was the clock demolished? I remember Mastins, another department store just along the road. I think an Iceland store now stands on the site. I remember my Mother going to Mastins and bringing items home to try on in one's own home on what was known then as ' On Appro '. One took back what one didn't want to keep. Can you imagine any store doing that nowadays?
  • Marianne Richardson on 04 Mar 2019 Marianne Richardson said

    I remember shopping at Plummer Roddis with my Grandmother. She would wander into the shop with a little basket and one of the assistants would fetch her a chair while she chatted to the assistants in such a leisurely
    manner....really gracious shopping!
  • Peter on 24 Jun 2020 Peter said

    My mother worked at Plummers in the 1950’s and loved it. Proper old school personal service retail. As Marianne said - gracious and professional.
  • Judy on 30 Jul 2020 Judy said

    I have similar memories of Plummer Roddis and Mastins. I seem to remember the Memorial being blown up by vandals, probably in the early 1970s, and it was never rebuilt.
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