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Half Way House

Half Way House
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Half Way House

Hollington, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex - Circa 1910
Photo from the Geoff Wolfe collection - Copyright 1066online

  • Pauline on 19 Aug 2016 Pauline said

    Is there anyone who knows where this was in Hollington? A historian maybe?
  • CLIFF MEWETT on 28 Aug 2018 CLIFF MEWETT said

    I think this house stood at the bottom of Wishing Tree Road at the junction with Crowhurst Road, hence the signpost.
  • Lynda on 17 Jul 2019 Lynda said

    I pass this house everyday whilst walking my dogs. It’s very intriguing as most of it is hidden from view. I once chatted to the the lovely lady that now loves there. She was clearing and weeding the road approaching the house. Very public spirited!
  • Chris in Dover, USA on 22 Sep 2019 Chris in Dover, USA said

    Hello, I wrote about this building on my blog --

    I am very surprised to find that apparently it still exists! It must be at least 140 years old.

    I would love to learn more about its history and its present state.
  • Liz on 25 Dec 2020 Liz said

    This house is of great local historical interest. My great grandparents lived there for many years and I have a fair bit of information pertaining to its early history, which goes back at least to the late 18th century. The house shows up in maps dating back to the year 1800. The sign in the garden advertises teas which were served here in the early 1900s. In all likely hood the name stems from the shape of the house (it was even called "Half House" in old records) and not from any disaster. Another theory is based on that the house constituted "half way" between two local places.

    It would be of great interest if anyone has more information regarding the history of the house.
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