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Hydneye House School

Hydneye House School
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Hydneye House School

The Ridge, Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1962
This photo is in the public domain. Taken by Gerald Brodribb

  • Peter Hankey on 31 Jan 2013 Peter Hankey said

    My family owned Hydneye House from it's construction to the time when Maltby retired and Brodribb & Bassett took over.
  • Ben crook on 29 Dec 2013 Ben crook said

    Does Anyone have any more photos of hydney house from before it's tragic demolition.Peter Hankey was an exact contemporary in the '50s. Visited the old place in about 1985 and ran across E.G Maltby's daughter in law.
  • Wray Tennant on 28 Jul 2017 Wray Tennant said

    I was at Hydneye House from 1948 - 1953 and remember Benjamin Crook and Peter Hankey. I recall spending one half term with Ben Crook and his parents in Faversham. I also recall playing "hot rice" on the main lawn and Peter Hankey suffering a suspected fractured jaw after accidentally being hit with a cricket stump. The teachers during my time were: E.G.Maltby, O.C.R.Tanner, "Tubs" Bassett, Partridge.
    Teacher, Mr and Mrs Jackson and Patrick Maltby.
    Hendry, Sanderson, Barber, Willis, Bentley, Sennett, Wilson, Ramsden, Graham, Chappel and Falk are just some of the names from my era. It would be great to hear from any of them.
  • Christopher Langdon on 29 May 2018 Christopher Langdon said

    I was there between 1952 and 1958 and still have an old form list. Rabbits, Hares, Tigers, Lions, Leopards and Panthers.
    I remember Crook - the name caught the small boy's imagination. Carr , Brodribb, Of merit were seniors in my first year and in the team which bowled Westweleigh out for 4 runs. As I was and still am local i maintained some contact with many of the staff - Basset, Brodribb, Morrish and Tinson as well as assistant matrons Miss Shaw and Miss Norcock.
    A few years ago I was kicking my heels at Helenswood and retraced the grounds - the 2 ponds, the drive and the two cedar trees are still there. The old shades lived again.
  • Peter Trainin on 05 Oct 2019 Peter Trainin said

    1953 to 1958.
    So pleased to find you all here.
    Jeremy Barnes The Langdons Eric Koops Cristopher Crook Slade Simon Young Leslie.
  • Rohan Robinson on 10 Feb 2020 Rohan Robinson said

    Wonderful to read all this. Names from the past are always interesting and very thought provoking. For me Hydneye was a superb and unforgettable start in life!
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