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Hydneye House School Yard

Hydneye House School Yard
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Hydneye House School Yard

The Ridge, Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1962
This photo is in the public domain. Taken by Gerald Brodribb

  • Chris Thorne on 05 Dec 2012 Chris Thorne said

    I wish I had a pound for every game that I played on the Stable yard, or hour of PT just about every morning. And who remembers Edward Maltby or Oriel Tanner? Cricket and Scouting, Latin and Maths (Ugh) History and English..
  • lehardy on 17 Feb 2014 lehardy said

    I was at the school 1n 1960 when Mr Hilda and Mr Morris taught maths we used to do cross country runs round the course as well as camping out at night at the back of the school was in the rabbits team happy days
  • Neil Atkins on 18 Mar 2014 Neil Atkins said

    I seem to remember your name,LeHardy. Would I be right in saying when you left H.H.S. you joined the Navy? As I seem to recall you turning up in uniform one day.
  • Stuart Roberts on 03 Apr 2014 Stuart Roberts said

    I remember a gent named Le Hardy when I was at Hydneye between 1965 and the school's closure in 1969. IIRC the initials were something like REM Le Hardy or somesuch. LeH left HHS before closure and went off to HMS Ganges (or HMS Gangrene as the boys called it). I suspect that Neil and I are talking about the same person
  • bob rees on 29 May 2014 bob rees said

    As an 18 year old fresh out of school, I taught French, sport and anything else asked of me for two terms in 1967. Mr and Mrs Morris seemed about 110 whilst my "digs" were having one bedroom in the Gate House occupied by Mr Alan Hilder. I remember many of the boys I taught including Mark Seymour whom I have come across several times subsequently. He is now a highly respected prep school headmaster. And Christopher Sturdee, bilingual son of a French mother whose French was better than mine. And a boy called Hollis, very keen on his rugby whom I turned into a very good hooker. A young lad called Logan's mother was an actress called Jenny Logan who went out with David Frost in 1967. He came and played for the Fathers in the annual cricket match! Happy days.
  • carlos rojas on 24 Feb 2015 carlos rojas said

    I attended HH back in 1959/60, as a boarding student from Venezuela. Went back with my wife in 2000 an found to my dismay, the school gone. Mr. Brodrib was the Headmaster. Mr. And Mrs. Morris were my latin/french teachers. Mr. Elkington was my math reacher.
    A lot of memories of my childhood, still clear in my mind.
    Carlos Rojas
  • Andrew Hollis on 03 Nov 2017 Andrew Hollis said

    Just discovered this site! I remember LeHardy, Christopher Sturdee and yes Bob Rees. Also Nic Stephens and Mike Brodribb. What are you all doing now?
  • Peter Hodges on 13 Jan 2018 Peter Hodges said

    I was also at HHS leaving in 1967 and in fact was bowling to David Frost in that cricket match. I remember all those names in mentioned by Bob Rees and probably a few more if my memory was jogged.1963 winter was spent skating on the pond, and breaks spent playing 'hot rice'. I was Hodges 1 and younger brother Nigel was Hodges 2. Mike Brodribb was running a tea room near Rye at one point, but that was some years ago.
  • Sherard Kingston on 31 Jan 2018 Sherard Kingston said

    I was digging through some old photos the other day and that brought a whole lot of memories back of HHS. Camping on the back lawn in sleeping bags made out of blankets and large safety pins, swimming with no kit on, Angela Kemsley our under matron and yes hours of playing hot rice on the front lawn. I also remember that fathers day game with David Frost. Didn't Mr Morris teach music? Oh yes and the multiple beatings Mr Brodribb handed out. :)
  • Robert Davies on 25 Mar 2018 Robert Davies said

    Dear all,
    I was at Hydneye between 1959 and 1964. I would love to hear from anyone who was at Hydneye during those years. My email is

    I met at a supper party last night in Manchester a Mark Patrick who was an exact contemporary of mine and would love to expand the network.

  • Penelope Moore on 24 Apr 2018 Penelope Moore said

    Hi guys, in a bout of nostalgia, decided to look up this old school. Back in the early 70s (a few years after Hydneye closed, I was a pupil at the girl's boarding school a few yards down the road St Mary's Holmhurst. It may amuse you to know that for some time my comrades and I used to truant in our lunch hour, leaving school grounds to explore the then abandoned Hydneye. There was no security and we never encountered anyone else (except one lady, a former employee, who once filled us in a bit on the background of the school), and of course, in those days there were certainly no cameras! Being deserted, it was actually quite spooky. We used to wind each other up, for example, when we found some old books left, on the subject of conducting seances, etc. (totally verboten material at our school) and in the stables there was a defunct upright piano, which because the front was missing leaving the strings exposed,used to make the most ghostly sound when the wind caught the strings! Adolescents desperately seeking something to relieve the boredom. My God, how I would love that same ennui now that I know everything (or almost!). Happy days indeed. Penelope
  • Christopher Langdon on 29 May 2018 Christopher Langdon said

    I was there between 1952 and 1958.
    O C R Tanner was the scout leader. G J Partridge was my favourite master. Mrs Jackson taught the youngest. E G Malty was headmaster until Messrs Brodribb and Basset took over. I believe Mrs Maltby played hockey for England. Their nephew who we called Mr Patrick was a fiery master - lethal with the blackboard eraser. Mr Morrish (note the 'h') and his wife taught and had a son Robin, a violinist. Mrs Appleby was the matron who lived along the Ridge. At various times Miss Norcock and Miss Shaw were assistant matrons. Tinson - even his wife Mrs Tinson called him that - taught carpentry and I still have the table he helped me to make.
  • Peter Trainin on 02 Mar 2019 Peter Trainin said

    Hi. Peter Trainin. b. 1945. Hydneye 1954 to 1959.
    Happy and healthy. Spent 90% of life without a penny on my body.
    Being raised inside the establishment masonic elite I was vaccinated early. Very fortunate.
    Loved playing football in the stable yard with a tennis ball. Saw Maltby retire and got Brodribb. Never made into a prefect not surprisingly.
    Fathers Day, Crook's father would nor stop hitting sixes, and strawberries and cream under the cedars. Making twist on scouts day. Always hungry!
    The pond frozen in winter. Mr Winters,the chessplaying maintenance man.
    The star Thai cricketer and artist Tanganika?, the Badenochs and Langleys.
    The school train, the shooting range. The cheers when an unpleasant teacher's retirement was announced, ( kids can be cruel), Mrs Maltby's reading in the drawing room before it was converted to a classroom. Jeremy Barnes, Christopher Crook, Timpson, Satchel, Hamilton, Koops,
    Hankey, Slade. Mr Tanner, maths.
    Went to Stowe, Chandos. Split England, 1963, and never went back. Food, climate, dress, attitude. Did not float my boat. Lucky I was to deal with this so early. Latin grammar and vocabulary was my life saver. Geography and History served me very well. 5 times around the world on schooners and star honeymoon with Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot, 1966. Rio 5 years, und so veiter...
    Never returned to UK.
    Best to you all. Peter Trainin.
    (John Trainin, b 1948, Christchurch, Oxford, died last year.)
  • Mike Armitage on 28 May 2019 Mike Armitage said

    This is the place where I have managed to get a load of memories of the old school.

    There will be a lot missing, and one day, I will scan all the old magazines we used to print in that funny little room by the bogs in the Garden Room!

    I well remember you Trainin! I have posted this on the blog above, and hope to hear from you some day!

    Sorry to hear about John, he was a lovely chap. I liked him because he was a gentleman back then, with a seriously good singing voice.
  • Eduardo Raymond on 21 Jul 2019 Eduardo Raymond said

    I came from Argentina in December 1953 and stayed in HHS until April 1954. I was there to learn English . I remember well Mr and Mrs Maltby and then Mr Brodripp and that he brought a small printing press. I now live in Argentina but I have a son and a daughter living in London and come to visit them every year
  • John Leslie on 09 Aug 2019 John Leslie said

    I was at Hydneye from 1953 - 1959 and returned in 1965 for 2 terms as a wholly unqualified Assistant Master (French in the higher forms) - part of a a very unadventurous gap year. Lots of memories - some happy some not so happy.
  • Martin on 04 Nov 2019 Martin said

    Does anyone know the area of this school took up please?
  • Peter Trainin on 17 Nov 2019 Peter Trainin said

    Hi John Leslie
    I was.wondering if you would surface here, cool. You invited me to a birthday party at your house. Kids and mothers.
    I live Nerja , Malaga.
    Mike has done us all a great favour to let us tie up our formative memories and the personalities we encounteted.
  • Peter Trainin on 17 Nov 2019 Peter Trainin said

    Mike Armitage sent me the google earth reference but even then I could not make heads or tails of it. So he sent me the key. Nothing left!! A tree or two.
  • Jeff Vetcher on 25 Dec 2020 Jeff Vetcher said

    Hi Peter Trainin

    We used to open the bowling...a deadly duo; you with your spin and me hurling it down
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