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NCH Malmesbury House

NCH Malmesbury House
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NCH Malmesbury House

West Hill Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex
Part of the Geoff Wolfe Collection - Copyright 1066online

  • John Brookes on 16 Jun 2012 John Brookes said

    My name is John Brookes i was in Avonlea from 1964/69 was you there in those years, my brother Billy was there as was my two sisters Lottie, Jackie.
    I remember lots of names, can anyone remember, Kevin Newsome, John Sullivan, Sue Chivers, Jane Chivers, Peter Chivers, Magie Capps, Alan Capps, Robert Capps, Jenny Southwood, Julie May, Janette Rogers, so many.
    I hope that one day you will read this & hope you get back to me.
  • Stephen Southwood on 29 Jul 2012 Stephen Southwood said

    Hi John, i'm jenny's brother i was there 1960/64 my other sister is Sandra, i don't think i remember you but i do remember Kevin Newsome.
  • John Brookes on 11 Sep 2012 John Brookes said

    Hi Stephen.
    I remember you, you used to come & visit your sisters at Malmesbury House.
    I have seen Maggie Capps, Sue Chivers, since i left there.
    Jenny did phone me once a long time ago.
    All the best Stephen.
  • antony upson on 25 Sep 2012 antony upson said

    hi john, i was there around 67/69 and i was in summerlea i to remember some names ben , mark, too sisters called susan and claire i think ? there was miss newton miss heart our { carers } if you like mr pea i think was the governor . i found some photos the other month so thought id see if i could find some of my old freind .. thanks for looking tony.....
  • John Brookes on 26 Sep 2012 John Brookes said

    Hi Tony,
    I do remember Mr P. was here when i arrived with my brother & two sisters in 1964.
    Mr P has passed away as is Miss Jean Newgent, Miss Newgent died from cancer about 5 years ago, & mr P. died about 10 years ago. Mr P left me a lot of old pics & cuttings i have one old pic done in 1969 at the front of M.H. of all who were there then as it maked 100 years of the home, i shall look to see if you are in the pic.
    Hope to here from you.
    Take care Tony.
  • Terry again on 31 Oct 2012 Terry again said

    I stumbled across the following video recently which seems to relate to Malmsbury House. I have no idea if the people who appear in it are actors or otherwise, but it appears to be genuine.
  • joyce butler on 21 Nov 2012 joyce butler said

    Hi does anybody remember me, i was at malsbury house in 1959
    to 1968.i was in windy willows and our carer was sister mary.I can remember charmaine and billy vick linda woodwards and her sister mary. look forward to any replies. joyce.
  • John Brookes on 21 Nov 2012 John Brookes said

    Hi Terry.
    That film you are on about is real i was King William & the other children are from Malmesbury House.
    Hoped this helps you.
  • John Brookes on 08 Dec 2012 John Brookes said

    Hi Joyce i was at Malmesbury House in 1964/68 i was in Avonlea & Sister Louie was our house Sister for us,
    My sister Lottie & sister Jackie & brother Billy was there also.
  • Susan Stulich on 14 Dec 2012 Susan Stulich said

    Hi Joyce,
    I remember you. My name was Susan McQuillan (now Stulich) and I was at Malmesbury House from 1957 to 1966. I was in Balmoral family group and have a brother called Clifford. I think that we may be about the same age? I also remember Charmaine and her brother.I am in touch with Sister Marjorie who looked after me for a number of years. I live in New Zealand now with my husband. I have two grown up children.
    Kind regards. Sue.
  • John Brookes on 15 Jan 2013 John Brookes said

    Hi Tony.
    Sorry for not replying sooner hope you are keeping fine.
    Mr P. died about ten years ago & i have long heard that our sister Louie has also passed.
    I would like to meet up with all our mates from Malmesbury House.
    That would great.
    Take care Tony.
  • Pat Watts (nee Sullivan) on 29 Jan 2013 Pat Watts (nee Sullivan) said

    Hi does anyone remember the sullivan family pat ,susan ,john ,and ray, we were there 64/67 me and ray were in sister doreens, sue and john were in sister louies. both my brothers are in the video it seem really strange going back all those years but also some good memories would love to know if anyone as got any old photos or would just like to catch up on old times Pat.....
  • Stephen Southwood on 14 Apr 2013 Stephen Southwood said

    Hi John,sad to hear sister louie passed way so sad, if anyone knows me and would like to get in touch they can get me on, stephen southwood facebook or reply here.
  • Stephen Southwood on 19 Apr 2013 Stephen Southwood said

    Sad regret sister Louie (Malmesbury House Avonlea) passed away on the 31 March this year aged 89. service is Monday 22/04/13 at Hastings Crematorium the Ridge at 12.30pm and after at Wellington Baptist Church 1.30pm, no flowers donations to Action for Children. Very sad loss. Stephen Southwood.
  • Stephen Southwood on 23 Apr 2013 Stephen Southwood said

    Went to Sister Louie Turner funeral 22/04/13 very good sent off and a few Avonlea family present, also met Mr Peckham's son.
  • John Brookes on 23 Apr 2013 John Brookes said

    Hi Steven.
    Just read about Sister Louie.
    I was in Avonlea when Sister Louie was our Sister looking after us.
    It is with sad a sad heart that i write this for 5 years
    she looked after me & my two Sisters,
    I will always love Sister Louie for what she did for us all.
  • Stephen Southwood on 23 Apr 2013 Stephen Southwood said

    Went to Sister Louie Turner's funeral with Angela Neamal, very good service and a few present, met Mr Peckham's son and a few more from Avonlea, glad i went. Stephen Southwood. all who would like to contact me, email address Stephen Southwood
  • jimmy white on 27 Jul 2013 jimmy white said

    i was here in the mid to late 70`s its so sad to see the state its in now
  • Stephen Southwood on 13 Aug 2013 Stephen Southwood said

    On April 23rd I did put wrong email address, as this has been pointed out to me. Should be sorry for all who tried to contact me, Stephen.
  • Amanda Pratt on 13 Sep 2013 Amanda Pratt said

    Myself Amanda Pratt and my sister Tina Pratt also went to Sisterlouies funeral we stayed in touch with Sisterlouie through out the years and where very lucky to have her in our life's a mother that we never had.. As sisters heather Pratt Tina Pratt and myself Amanda Pratt we had the chance to say our good byes when we visited Sisterlouie at her home to which I thank the staff for all the contact and keeping me and my sister undated about Sisterlouie ..
    Us as sisters have our memories from being in the children's home in gosport in the uk and Sisterlouie but we thank her for everything that she done for us so very much loved and missed so much more x x x x Amanda Pratt x
  • Maggie Pierce (Carr) on 01 Jan 2014 Maggie Pierce (Carr) said

    I'm not sure anyone will remember me, staff came and went I suppose. I worked as assistant housemother with Sister Louie in Avonlea from Sept 64 to 1966 and would have been called Miss Carr. I am doing research for my own memoirs and have just started writing about my time in St Leonards. I have many memories about the place, staff and children but I particularly remember the wonderful Brookes family and was astonished to see the correspondence from John. I remember him, Jackie and little brother Billy so well. I particularly remember the fire drills, early mornings going down the ladder from the bedroom, the television room before we all had TVs in the day room, the time many of the children played in the King and I at the White Rock pavilion -and a host of other things. I was sad to see Sister Louie died last year. Mr Peckham was very good to me I used to go to his house on my day off and his wife cooked wonderful meals! Mr Craig was superintendent when I first came then followed by Mr Phipps who shook us all up a bit I think! Anyway even if you don't remember me you might be interested in some of my other memories. I watched the Battle of Hastings video -the house and your faces all as I remember, John Brookes -always smiling!.
  • John Brookes on 05 Jan 2014 John Brookes said

    Hi Maggie.
    yes you are right we was there from 1964/5 it was so sad that sister Louie I love her so much, I owe her so much, I cant remember you the only one I know was a sister Allison because I went to see my first football match that was
    Arsenal play even to day that is still I went with miss Allison sister,
    I would, thanks for massage, I a wait your reply, take care x
  • Tina on 05 Feb 2014 Tina said

    Hi Jim I remember you well you had a sister Cheryl I was there same time as you with my 2 bro Nigel and tony Hilmi how r u and your sis xx
  • John Brookes on 05 Feb 2014 John Brookes said

    Hi Miss/ Mrs Carr I remember you I can remember making that film as when it was finished I never saw it until at a reunion at Highbury. I cant remember who it was who took me to see Arsenal play at Highbury. even though the film was made in black and white they sent me a VHS and the film was in colour it was great looking at the film and all my friends I would love to meet up with them again.I hope you read this and reply to it. John x
  • John Brookes on 05 Feb 2014 John Brookes said

    Hi Miss/Mrs Pierce I remember you I remember someone taking me to see Arsenal FC play at Highbury and I have been supporting them ever since that day I remember making that film but as I left before it was shown at Malmesbury House. I have always wanted to here from my friends. I went to a reunion at Highbury and was talking about it when someone over heard us and they said that I would be sent a film this I have got after 38 years waiting. and it was put into colour. I hope you will read this and I hope I get a reply. x John. Brookes
  • Phil Haynes on 23 Feb 2014 Phil Haynes said

    Just read your message. I remember the name Angela Neamal not sure of spelling. I think she had a sister Rosalind I was in Avonlea 1963/1965 a long time ago. Also I ember Tony & Paul Neelig. Think Miss Machin was in charge of the house when I got there. All the best Phil
  • Amanda Pratt on 13 Mar 2014 Amanda Pratt said

    Sister louies anniversary coming up. Can any one tell me where her ashes here Ashes where laid to rest please Sisterlouie was 92 years old when she passed away last year would appreciate this information if anyone could help my sister and myself did go to the funeral but never got a call or any follow up help please x
  • bob on 01 May 2014 bob said

    Hi there is lots of info out there, friends reunited has a page that will give you a few names..Came across this page again via looking up festival of queens..and sunny smiles also look up their history....lots of interesting pic etc
  • jackiehumm (nee Brookes) on 10 Jul 2014 jackiehumm (nee Brookes) said

    hi maggie.
    seems strange calling you maggie when we were only allowed to call you miss carr, i have some lovely memories of malmesbury house especially sister louie and mr, peckham,sister louie was like a mum to us kids we always brought daffodills and a mothers day card for her on mothers day she was a very special lady. myself sister lottie and brother john use to go and visit sister louie and mr, peckham at their homes when they retired we always got a warm welcome when we saw them. do you remember christmas day mornings we all had a pillow case full of presents it was magic for us kids sister louie made sure it was special for all her children, i've got so many memories it will take forever lol. i've only got one really sad memory and thats the day i left malmesbury house and had to leave sister louie she was like a mum to us when we were there and for that i'l always love her. i'i write again soon take care.
  • Sandra Jandu on 05 Feb 2015 Sandra Jandu said

    Do you remember Sandra ,Raj and Sheila JANDU
  • jackie on 27 Feb 2015 jackie said

    hi Sandra, what year was u in malmesbury house and which house were you in.
  • CLIVE HUGHES on 23 Dec 2015 CLIVE HUGHES said

    I was at Malmesbury House from 1953 to 1956 then joined the Army at age 15 in early 1957 - came out age 24 in 1965 lived ever since here in London. b1941
  • Adrian king on 31 Dec 2015 Adrian king said

    Hi, my sister Marcia and me Adrian King were at Malmesbury house 1963/ 1964 then a visit in 1966.
  • clive evans on 03 Jan 2016 clive evans said

    Does any one remember Mary Betts (later Hawkins she worked there in thearly fifties would be grateful for anyone who remembers her..she later went on to marry David Hawkins in 1972
  • clive evans on 03 Jan 2016 clive evans said

    Email me with any memories of this lovely lady..One of a kind
  • Marie Louise Weeks on 17 Feb 2016 Marie Louise Weeks said

    Hi everyone. I didn't live at Marmesbury but I remember the firework parties and a girl called Jackie who went to Hastings High School
  • Jackie Sceats on 22 Feb 2016 Jackie Sceats said

    Hi - I would love to get in contact with Joyce Butler who commented on here in 2012 - she used to spend school holidays with my family in the 60's - I had a brother John who would only have been a baby then - have been trying to find her for many years - our name was Heathfield and we lived in New Southgate.
  • Miss Amanda Pratt on 23 Mar 2016 Miss Amanda Pratt said

    Hi I don't know if anybody remembers myself or my sisters are names
    Amanda Pratt
    Tina Pratt
    Heather Pratt
    Sisterlouie was the lady that looked after us and we where in Gosport children's home I was placed in care when i was just 2 and a half yrs old so would have been in 1975+ ??
    Looking for any information if anyone remembers me or my sisters would love to hear from you
    One name that I do remember is a boy called Billy ??
    Any information / photos ??? about sisterlouie Miss Louie Turner Would be lovely as well as I know she sadly passed away 3 yrs ago coming up on the 31st March , and we went to her funeral to say are goodbyes thanks x ...
  • Sandra on 05 May 2016 Sandra said

    I was in Hastings in about 1973 + with my brother Raj and sister Sheila
    Sister Louie look after us, we also moved with her to Portsmouth alverstoke, the hilmi family were also with us
    Sister Louie always look after us, but at the time you wanted your own family. I never went to her funeral but what a amazing human being,
    If you remember us please write
  • clive evans on 13 May 2016 clive evans said

    Does any one remember Jean newton ..she lived in Horsham I til she died few years me on .would be so grateful for any information on her or Mary Betts putting some pics together for Marys daughter Alison. .thanks
  • Catharine (was Sippitt/known as Miss catharine) on 23 Jun 2016 Catharine (was Sippitt/known as Miss catharine) said

    Hi I was briefly at Malmesbury house in July 1974. I then move to NCH Alverstoke Gosport with Sister Louise and 6 children. Tony, Nigel andTina Hilmi and also Sheila, Raj and Sandra Jandu.I Google the NCH home after looking at some photos i took back between 1974-1977. I remember all the children I cared for with lots of happy memories and have wondered many many times how they all were and hoped they all had happy lives. I have shared stories with my own children and grandchildren ever since. I wish you all well and if anyone of them see this I'd love to hear from you. Xxxx
  • Sandra on 07 Aug 2016 Sandra said

    I'm one of the jandu children
    My contact supplied
  • Sandra Jandu on 08 Aug 2016 Sandra Jandu said

    Hi Miss Cathetine
    I've just register on this site, yes I do remember my time spent with you and Sister Louie
    What wonderful memories.
    Sadly Raj passed away 2years ago, but myself and Sheila are fine
    Would also love for you to contact, not sure how this site works.
    Sandra Jandu
  • Amanda Pratt on 31 Mar 2017 Amanda Pratt said

    4 Years Today Sadly Sisterlouie passed Away and I was wondering if anybody has any photos off her I have a few but would luv to see other memories that many others have off her ..
    She done so much for so many children and I have beautiful memories off my time with her so very much missed and truly loved x x
  • jackie on 03 Oct 2017 jackie said

    Would still love to get in contact with Joyce Butler who commented on here in 2012 - used to spend holidays with us in North London in the 60's whe would remember me as Jackie Heathfield - have been trying to find her for many years!!!
  • antony john upson   ( tony ) on 02 Feb 2018 antony john upson ( tony ) said

    hi all . i have just come across some photos of me and some of my long lost friends , some were taken at a place called mote park in maidstone , i seem to remember this was a group holiday. the photo says august 1970, so i guess that was around the time i was there. maybe 69/70s. i also have photos of me with two sisters susan and sandra butcher. i also have a photo of me and denise morgan ..if anyone would like a copy you can reach me via email or face book me. tony upson picture of davos to stelvio pass .
  • james white on 15 Jul 2018 james white said

    i was in green gables in the 1970s left in 79
  • CLIVE HUGHES on 16 Sep 2018 CLIVE HUGHES said

    I was at Malmesbury House St.Leonards-on-sea from c1953 to 1957 and then at age 15 joined the British Army as a Boy soldier, Royal Signals. A lot's happened in my life. I was with the NCH from soon after WW2 at their home in Doddington Village Kent and then in about 1948 we were sent to NCH Alverstoke (Gosport) and from there to Malmesbury House in c1953 - the year of the Queen's coronation. I'm now 76 and living here in Greenwich SE London - just got back from a one week holiday in Tenerife.
  • John Brookes on 17 Sep 2018 John Brookes said

    Has anyone heard from a Miss Carr she was asking about us and got our names right we replied to her letter but have yet to still hear from her so if you are out there Miss Carr please get in touch I was there from 1964-1968/9.
    Her Married name is Mrs Maggie Pierce.
  • Catharine Scobie on 23 Sep 2018 Catharine Scobie said

    Hi Sandra January I'm so so sorry I didn't get back to you life over took me but now retired and want to catch up. So so sorry and sad to hear that Raj passed away. What a shock I must add. Please accept my deepest sympathy and also my huget apologies for leaving this so long. I will endeavor to catch up wI think you and Sheila. Take care Catharine (Cathie)
  • Sheila Jandu on 03 Dec 2018 Sheila Jandu said

    Hi miss catharine i hope u are well i heard u got intouch with sandra. I was sorry to hear that sister louie passed away in 2013.
    Has u know raj passed away in 2014 we all miss him very much. Do u have any photos of me raj sandra you and sister louie. It would be nice if u can send me a message.
  • Amanda Southam/Pratt on 19 Apr 2019 Amanda Southam/Pratt said

    With Sisterlouie's 6yrs Anniversary of her funeral approching I was just wondering did anybody find out or know where her Ashes where layed to rest ...x x
    Would appreciate any information please or if anyone knows the family ....
    R.I.P. SISTERLOUIE gone but never forgotten always in our hearts and we have the memories that we will always treasure luv Tina and Amanda x x
  • Jimmy white on 26 Aug 2019 Jimmy white said

    i lived here in the 1970s many happy memories and great people
  • jayne green on 06 Sep 2019 jayne green said

    Hi I lived in Malmesbury house 1974 for about 4 years. i am mixed race with very fair skin. i was good friends with a boy named Ian (do not remember surname) but his mother worked and lived in the house. i also remember the names Tracy, Nikki, Wayne, Yvonne, paula. i have a photo of me and Ian on a boat going to isle of white on a holiday for the kids and a photo of me, Paula, Tracy and Yvette in fancy dress, Yvette was a lion and i was a doll in a box. Any one remember me?
  • Sue Humphrey on 15 Aug 2020 Sue Humphrey said

    I'd love to hear from Janette Rogers.
  • Trisha on 14 Sep 2021 Trisha said

    Hi my name is Trisha I lived their in 1979 when Kenny Brian and nicky were their allison mary John Judy roselie uphill and rosemary worked their betty as well
  • Barry Osborne on 10 Nov 2021 Barry Osborne said

    I never lived at Malmsbury House but two of my schoolfriends did. I used to go with them to tea as a visitor and remember it well. 1957 to 1962. If anyone knows what happened to Timothy Gould or Peter Prodger (he had a sister there also) I would love to make contact with them if possible.
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