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Manor Road

Manor Road
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Manor Road

Hastings, East Sussex
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online

  • Jan Manning on 21 Jan 2014 Jan Manning said

    I was very interested to see the picture of Manor Road. I am looking for information about a Baptist Chapel which was founded there by John Cramp who was an ancestor of mine.Apparently the Chapel was founded in either 1820 or 1850
    The building on the right hand side of the picture looks as if it could be a Chapel?
    Strangely enough, during the 1970's I worked at Exchange Travel in Parker Road which is quite near to Manor Road.
  • Gerry on 06 Jun 2015 Gerry said

    Mount Pleasant Infants School on the right of the postcard foreground. My first school at the age of 5 and I was allocated to Miss Barham's class who was very strict and I was not very happy at the school. That would have been 1957

    At the back of the school playground if I remember there was a path that led to Mount Pleasant juniors whose mainentrance was on Mt Pleasant Road
  • Gloria on 19 Aug 2015 Gloria said

    I came from London aged 9 in1955 and was sent to Mount Pleasant. I had a very strict teacher called Mrs. Longhurst, about a year later I went to Elphinstone school which was much nicer. Happy days.
  • Valerie on 12 Sep 2015 Valerie said

    Again some memories....Mt Pleasant Infants School was also my first school directly as the war was abating....we slept on little truckle beds in the afternoon, and I also started my first music lessons and, with the late Geoffrey Illman learnt the violin - went from there to Juniors and then to Elphinstone which was then so very new....took 11+ and from there all history...played with Geoffrey in the Schools Orchestra but by then was playing the memories of Manor Road and Mt Pleasant are very dear.
  • Ivor on 11 Jan 2016 Ivor said

    This same building was used in the late 60's as an annex to Priory road boys school. I used to have metalwork classes there on the third floor, but there was also carpentry and motor mechanics. Mr. Irwin our metalwork teacher was also a member of the magic circle.....happy days!
  • Denise on 10 May 2016 Denise said

    I remember Miss Barham. I started at Mount Pleasant in 1961, and Mrs Hollyfield was my teacher. We then had Miss Fowler, also Mrs Eastham. Miss Draper was our head. Anyone remember Miss Moffatt or Mrs Niblet? Mrs Ruse, or Miss Legg?
  • Mar Soane (Thomas) on 29 Oct 2016 Mar Soane (Thomas) said

    I remember going to Mount Pleasant School in the early 70's. lower school entrance in Manor Road, Upper in Mount Pleasant Road. A large metal gate on Mount Pleasant Road opened onto a downward slope that dropped to the playground. Outside toilets running on the opposite side to the slope. The dinning hall was situated in the playground of the lower part. It was cold I remember, having just small gas panel heaters high on the sides of the walls. I went to both upper and lower schools. Lower playground had a drinking fountain. A slope lead up from the playground to the entrance door. I recall a lot of wood panelling. Has anyone got any photos of the school upper and lower? Have tried to search for some but it's almost like the place never existed.
  • John on 12 Jan 2017 John said

    I started school here at Mnt. Pleasant Infants School in Sept. 1950 /1951.
    I wa born in "Tin Town" Fellows Road, off of Parker Road, near to the old power station.
    The houses were made of riveted steel panels, hence the name. I can only remember there being about 4 of them
    then but it's possible others were demolished previously.
    I used to walk from there to school on my own, at 5 years old , every day we (friends) used to walk /climb along the powerstation high concrete walls on the way to and fro school. Part of the wall is still there, as you enter Parker Road at the bottom end ,the. Wall is to the right, there is a ledge 3/4 of the way up that we walked along.
    The school entrance was through a low metal gateway set in the brick wall in Mnt.Pleasant Road, it is still there.
    Several years later I used to attend the carpentry and metalwork sessions of school work from Priory Road Boys School that I went to. My uncle ' char ' ( charley ) used to be caretaker at the infants School for many years, he lived along Manor Road for a long time.
  • Caroline on 24 Feb 2017 Caroline said

    I Went to Mount pleasant infants in 1970 and had Mrs Niblet then Mrs Brown. I then went to Elphinstone Infants and was taught by Mrs Chance then Mrs Ralph, she was in the wooden school. Miss Draper was the head then Miss Watkins. Happy Days!
  • Andrew Parkinson on 29 Mar 2017 Andrew Parkinson said

    Mrs Brown was my teacher there a couple of years earlier. She was Miss Apostilidies then got married have way through the year.

    lovely to see these comments, I remember a few of the teachers mentioned,was also in the same class as Andrew Parkinson,who wrote last comment!
  • Liz Parker on 27 Feb 2018 Liz Parker said

    I went to Mount Pleasant Infants in Manor Road after the closure of St. Mary in the Castle School. From then I went to the Junior School in Mount Pleasant Road, then to Elphinstone School in Parker Road. I left Hastings in 1956. I remember a teacher in the Junior as Mrs. Longhurst. Very strict. Miss Hale was my teacher at Elphinstone, the Headmaster Mr. Hopkins, the Headmistress Miss Draper.
  • Ann Scott on 07 Sep 2018 Ann Scott said

    I went to Elphinstone Primary starting in 1970...Mrs Fryer and Miss Lambourne were two early years teachers...I then went to what was known as The Wooden School, teachers were Miss Fowler, Miss Muffet....then back to 1st year junior's at Mount Pleasant...Miss Barham I remember old fashioned strict teaching style....2nd year juniors Miss Kemp....then Mrs Smith (Downer) lovely lady....finally Mr Hodgkinson. Miss Capon taught music and Mr Booth taught brass. Happy Days...
  • Gordon Paffett on 02 Oct 2018 Gordon Paffett said

    I was brought up in Manor Road From 1945 until I joined the Royal Navy in 1962. This picture brings back many memories. I attended Mount Pleasant Infants School (my first teacher was Miss Dooley) and Primary school before going to Elphinstone Road School. From the age of 14 I had a Saturday job working in K A Goldsacks grocery shop. The garage on the corner (not visible in picture) was owned by Mr Young and the family also ran a Taxi service. The shop on the left of the picture with the awning I remember as Scotchers the bakers. The no 72 Maidstone and District bus came along Manor Road (it was then 2 way traffic) on the route between Parker Road and The Green (St. Leonards. There were lots of shops scattered along the length of the road which also included a printing workshop, upholstery repair workshop, ice cream parlour, butcher and greengrocer.
  • David Keast on 08 Mar 2019 David Keast said

    I was there around 1950 and my form teacher was Miss Dooley. From what I can remember a nice lady. I recall getting the cane from the headmaster Mr Hopkins for saying "last one up the stairs stinks" I was about 9 years old at the time. In 1952 I transfer the the new Elphinstone Primary School and a year later moved from the area.
    Whilst at Mount Pleasant School I remember my best friend was named Raymond Collins. He was a lovely lad and tall for his age. He would come to school in hobnail boots, A jumper with holes in and an old pair of short trousers. He confided in me that his step father would often give him a good hiding and he would come to school with bruises.I had a birthday party that Raymond came to and I remember him giving me a pin cushion that he had made because he had no money to buy a present. The memory of that pin cushion has stayed with me throughout my life. I cannot remember if I told my mother about Raymond's beatings or if she saw his bruises for herself, but she clearly spoke to our doctor Constance G Lee who practiced in Mount Pleasant Road. Raymond was removed from his home and taken into care.
    To this day I do not know what happened to him. Even now at the age of 76 I get very emotional when I think Raymond and I
    sincerely hope that his life was not too bad.
    He lived in either St Marys Road or Manor Road. If anyone reads this who came into contact with Raymond after he was taken into care I would be grateful for any information.
  • David Keast on 08 Mar 2019 David Keast said

    A few names that I recall from my class were Judy Dale. Peter Poulter, Robert Elam and Ronald Moth.
  • Bernard Rea on 05 Oct 2019 Bernard Rea said

    I remember going to the infants school at 5 years old 1949 or 1950. The Rea family lived above the garages in Manor road before the war but eventually moved to St Georges Road where Rea's Icecream was made at No 38. ( Later to become Rea's Radio and Television) I remember the shops in Manor road and used to run down the steps from St Georges Rd to get bacon etc freshley sliced thick or thin as mum wanted from the grocers at the bottom of the hill opposite the school entrance...Many of the teachers names ring a bell ... Hopkins and was a wonderfull area to live in those days... very few cars and local policemen all over the place to keep us hooligans in control!
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