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Fire at Mastin Brothers Shop

Fire at Mastin Brothers Shop
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Fire at Mastin Brothers Shop

Breeds Place, Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1904
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  • Lee Nicoll on 09 Dec 2011 Lee Nicoll said

    Does any one have any knowledge of bakealite 1d tramway tokens with mastin bros name on them,i have found one and would like to know more about it, many thanks lee
  • Mike Peckham on 27 Mar 2012 Mike Peckham said

    My Grandmother, Beatrice Gildersleeve, lived next door to Mastins in Stanton House (just visible in the picture above). She would have been 8 in 1904 and remembered the fire at Mastins. Apparently the fire brigade came into Stanton House to check the party wall in case the fire was likely to breach it. In the dining room, which was on the left of the front door and abutted Mastins, there was a large mirror that ran most of the length of the wall. She remembered the fire brigade removing the mirror from the wall. Apparently it became so hot with the intensity of the fire they feared it might explode.
  • Jo Perkin on 20 Jan 2013 Jo Perkin said

    Are you interested in some old postcards I have of the fire at Mastins, I also have a note written in 1954 that is on headed paper .
    If so please contact me
    Thank you
  • Geoff on 26 Jan 2013 Geoff said

    Hi Jo. I've sent you an email. Would love to see more Mastins pics. Many thanks. Geoff (site admin)
  • G. Harris on 11 Feb 2013 G. Harris said

    Are you just offering to illustrate your cards of Mastins Fire, or are you offering them for sale?
  • Geoff on 11 Feb 2013 Geoff said

    I did email Jo Perkin but heard nothing back. Shame as I would have loved to see the photos.
  • Norma Gower on 30 Nov 2013 Norma Gower said

    My name is Norma Mechaly formerly Gower.My Grandparent's
    Lizzie and Lester Gower owned the florist shop on Queens rd corner of Waterworks rd.After the war my farther Norman Gower then took over the shop in 1946.I was reading the newspaper cutting of your grandmother's funeral and noticed my grandfather Gower name was in attendance. What a surprise for me to see that living all the way here now in Florida, what a small world.
  • Jenny Clemens on 13 Dec 2013 Jenny Clemens said

    I was very interested in this because at the time my grandmother worked as a cashier in Mastins and her husband-to-be was a senior worker there in furnishings. After their marriage in 1905 he moved to another job in Wiltshire. However, he died in 1913 and the family returned to Hastings and their daughter, my mother, lived there for the rest of her life. I remember Mastins as a child but have no picture of it.
    I would love to include this photo in the family description I am writing (for private use) - is this allowed?
  • Rae Hills on 09 Dec 2014 Rae Hills said

    My name before my marriage was Rae Pickard I believe you might be my cousin Norma who used to live in the flower shop at the end of my road ( Waterworks)my mum was Joyce and auntie Doris lived next door to us but worked in the florist with your dad as I recall and many years have passed since we were all young you and your family moved abroad and I can't quite remember whereto how strange to see the gower name not often that you see it.
  • Leah Macnay on 15 Jan 2015 Leah Macnay said

    Hi, my grandad recently told me that my nan, Jean Cruttenden used to work in this store, he told me she started of working on the glove counter and then she moved to doing the window displays and became close friends with the woman she was working with, Moreen, I would love to know more about the store as it interested me and my grandad was telling me the first time he saw my nan was outside this store :)
  • Margaret Keenan on 03 Feb 2015 Margaret Keenan said

    Hello Leah, I used to know a girl called Jean Cruttenden. We used to go to Sandown School and she lived near the school. Could this have been your nan? I was born in 1946 and lived in Ore. Jean would have been around my age. I remember going to tea at her house and having Gale's honey on bread.
  • Samantha Willis on 08 Dec 2018 Samantha Willis said

    my great great uncle attended with the volunteer fire brigade. It was the last blaze he attended after 38 years with the service.
  • Samantha Willis on 08 Dec 2018 Samantha Willis said

    of interest maybe to the above postees, Leah and Margaret, the fire brigade attending were led by a Captn H N Cruttenden
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