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Milos Restaurant Gas Explosion

Milos Restaurant Gas Explosion
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Milos Restaurant Gas Explosion

Sturdee Place, Hastings Old Town, East Sussex. Circa 1963. Thank you to Graham Lovatt for contributing the photo.

  • Terry Haddon on 16 Aug 2019 Terry Haddon said

    I think I am right in saying that the owner of this restaurant was Milo Popacopolis a well known professional wrestler at this time.
  • Blanca Yiannopoullos on 22 Feb 2020 Blanca Yiannopoullos said

    Hi Terry,

    I'm one Milo's nieces and you were close it's actually spelt Yiannopoullos but thank you for helping me find this as I want to visit Hastings and where they had this place and thanks to your comment, now I can!
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