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Milward Road & Milward Crescent

Milward Road & Milward Crescent
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Milward Road & Milward Crescent

Hastings, East Sussex. Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online.

  • Hugh Milton on 24 Jan 2019 Hugh Milton said

    Grammar School was at the top of this hill. I attended from 1956 - 62. Long gone like every school I attended growing up. Used to cycle this hill every day. One day, on the way down, skidded on the gravel at the T junction at the bottom of the hill. Knees took the full brunt! Painful memories of doctor picking grit out of the wounds with tweezers. Vestiges of the scars still visible more than 50 years later!
  • Elizabeth Woodcock on 05 Oct 2019 Elizabeth Woodcock said

    Were you at Hollington Junior School Hugh? I was Elizabeth Grosvenor then. Roger Churchill and Christopher Jones were in the class too.
  • Elizabeth Parker on 29 Mar 2020 Elizabeth Parker said

    I used to live at 60 Milward Road from a baby in 1946 until 1956 when we moved to Haywards Heath. Now live in Surrey. My maiden name was Bowers.
  • Brian smith on 10 Jan 2021 Brian smith said

    I lived at 59 Milward rd 1939 untill 1957 moved to london now live in kos greece my grand parents name was dunk went to school at hastings secondary mod for boys and in the scouts 7th ore troop
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