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Waterloo Place

Waterloo Place
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Waterloo Place

Hastings Old Town, East Sussex
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online

  • Sarah Francis on 12 Apr 2013 Sarah Francis said

    My Mum Marjorie Perks Ellis had this photograph on her living room wall she told me that this was her house and that this is a photograph of her father Frank Perks and that she is the baby and the child standing next to her could be her brother Jimmy who died of brain cancer aged 3. My Mum was born at 13a Waterloo way All Saints Street Hastings in 1925
  • Geoff on 12 Apr 2013 Geoff said

    Hi Sarah.
    Really interesting to hear some history on the photo. I don't suppose you know the name of the byway? It would be good to re-title the page with the correct name. A google search shows nothing for Waterloo Way, however there was a Waterloo Place. Could this be the location?
  • Sarah Francis on 13 Apr 2013 Sarah Francis said

    Yes Geoff sorry I put the wrong street name in and you have another photo on your site which looks like the same street and that is called Waterloo Place. Im wondering if the two photos could have been taken on the same day and that the little girls in the other picture could be my Mums older sisters Louise and Rose playing with friends.
  • Geoff on 13 Apr 2013 Geoff said

    Thanks Sarah, I have renamed the photo on the site to Waterloo Place. It's possible the two photos could have been from the same day but unlikely as they both came from different sources. You never know who that could be in the picture though, anything's possible.
    For those that are interested, here's a link to our other photo of Waterloo Place
  • Kelly on 08 Jun 2019 Kelly said

    In the 1911 census my grandfathers family were living at 13a. McCarthy family
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