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All Saints Street

All Saints Street
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All Saints Street

Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1918
Photo courtesy of Reflections Black & White Photo Archive

  • Brian White on 27 Jan 2014 Brian White said

    I love this site, especially the photos - and especially the one above: my granddad used to own White's bakery, the bake-house of which was behind the shop on the high-level part of All Saints Street.
  • Jennifer Down on 21 May 2014 Jennifer Down said

    Hi Brian
    I too love this photo as it brings back family holiday memories. I visited Hastings last Saturday and took a trip along Old Saints Street for nostalgic reasons. I tried to remember the cottage that my father used to rent for our holidays but I could only get an idea of location. I remember that next door was a sweet shop and the owner was a Mr Ramsbottom. He had a daughter who I made friends with. I wonder if you know where the shop was. The family lived in the premises as I remember writing to her.
    I seem to remember that we were very close to the Pub which was on the other side of the street and had the railings in front of it. We used to walk down the road to look in the window of the Sea Admirals House that had a ship in the window.
    I think the time frame was around 1952 ish.
    Regards, Jennifer
  • maggie on 02 Sep 2015 maggie said

    My parents rented an oak beamed holiday cottage called "GREENSLEEVES" early 1950s. I have vivid memories as a 5 year old of the "huge" fireplace and of sleeping in a high four-poster bed. Also the street pavement levels were raised. My mother was upset as I got nits playing with a local wood-cutters daughter. I could not find the actual building on recent visit, only a sense of the place. Would love to know exactly, but sadly no more detail available.
  • Emily on 19 Sep 2015 Emily said

    The property at 51 All Saints Street is listed and known as "Greensleeves". It was a Bed and Breakfast called "Medieval Lodge"for the nine years up until October 2014. It is now a private house and has no four poster beds but still has a big fireplace!
  • Emily on 19 Oct 2015 Emily said

    Number 51 All Saints Street used to be called Greensleeves and has lots of beams and a big fireplace...sounds like the place you were looking for.
  • Maggie on 24 Aug 2016 Maggie said

    Many, many thanks for this information. It's a silly thing no doubt but somehow very comforting to have a distant but strong mental recollection confirmed. The overall impression was one of mystery, dark corners, oak beams; I remember a shining copper scuttle of some sort; huge sprays of peach-coloured gladiolae in the fireplace; climbing into the four-poster bed via a footstool then a chair. Back in the 50s it was owned (I believe) by the Enfield Ronchetti family, all in the health professions, and it was rented to our family for a memorable holiday.
  • Brian  Smith on 19 Feb 2017 Brian Smith said

    My granny used to have a sweet shop in All Saints Street, opposite the high level side and I remember a passage way down the right of the shop. It would have been around 1950, she was a widow surname Smith. Anyone remember it? I would love to go back and find it if anyone has a house number or current description
  • Jason dicker on 15 Oct 2017 Jason dicker said

    Just a hunch but convinced the child in photo was my grandmother Victoria Dicker ( nee Hicks )

    Probably wrong but hey
  • Paul woodford on 22 Oct 2017 Paul woodford said

    Great pics
  • ColinL on 08 Nov 2019 ColinL said

    If Greensleeves was the Ronchetti's place then it was indeed dark inside due to the small size of the windows and the large dark oak polished furniture. I only went there once when Marcus, (Priory Rd school) who was three or four years younger, when he was ill.

    A handful of years ago I decided to put his name into the computer and see where he was. I was quite shocked to find that he had been a priest in Sussex for many years. He was at the time due to move to Spain.
  • C Goble on 18 May 2020 C Goble said

    Does anybody perhaps know where the Goble family used to live in all saints street?
  • Nichola catling on 26 May 2020 Nichola catling said

    Do you mean Mary Ann goble? I believe she was at number 21, which is sadly no longer there. She is in my ancestry.
  • Joanna on 30 Oct 2020 Joanna said

    Greensleeves was owned by the Ronchetti family. Melisande (Meli) was my best friend and we used to give tours of the house when we were young! There were three sisters and two brothers. I really miss those days!
  • Andy Clark on 24 Jan 2021 Andy Clark said

    I am working through my grandfather’s memoirs and in about 1930 he ran a grocer’s shop near Admiral Shovell’s house. His name was William Clark. Does anyone know where this might have been?
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