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Ore Place

Ore Place
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Ore Place

Hastings, East Sussex
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online

  • Merv Evans on 09 Jun 2013 Merv Evans said

    I served at RCT And ACC Records Sept 1966 to Dec 1969 ,when transferred to HMIT Bexhill. This was a fine building with its Jesuit chapel. Was the place demolished or cdnverted ? Is a good photo.
  • Elaine Hudson on 28 Apr 2014 Elaine Hudson said

    I worked at Ore Place from 1976-1981 as a civilian in RCT. The chapel became our social club gathering place, and I remember the tiny rooms on the first floor corridors that had at one time been monks bedrooms became offices for the retired Colonels and Majors who worked there. Sadly the grounds have been redeveloped and its now a housing estate. Not sure if the original house is still there - we were told it was nicknamed Rats Castle - but the gate house at the end of the drive has gone.
  • Sue Warner on 09 Oct 2015 Sue Warner said

    I just wondered if either of you knew/knew of my Uncle Walter Francis Warner, I believe he worked in Rats Castle - he retired to Devon with a fellow colleague where they got married and he died in 1977.
    He walked out on our family after WWII, so I'm trying to piece things together between then and when he lived in Ore, I found he was at 26 Coghurst Road, Ore between 1968-1974 but if you have any other information I would be most grateful.
    Did Rats Castle belong to a particular regiment?
  • christopher Tobutt on 05 Sep 2017 christopher Tobutt said

    I used to work at Ore Place too around 1984-85 just as it was about to close down. I enjoyed working there under Mr. Martin Rolfe who was a great boss. The office was moved to Glasgow
  • Jane Cockburn on 17 Jan 2018 Jane Cockburn said

    I worked at Ore Place from around 1969 to 1973..then transferred to London. I worked with phyllis Reid and Major Blunt and Colonel Brown ..a lovely group of people. I remeber Major Blunt had fondness for a glass of sherry fir us all in his office about 11.30 am. Good days. We also used to put on a Christmas show for staff which was great fun.
  • Jane on 23 Apr 2018 Jane said

    I am looking for information on a William H Morris. He was working in the Hastings office in 1959 and the early ‘60s. He was a very trusted neighbour of relatives in Ochiltree Rd
  • Vivien Dawson nee Bedford on 21 Apr 2019 Vivien Dawson nee Bedford said

    I worked at Ore Place from father was Charles Bedford and I remember all the names from above. I also had a short return to the Office in 1972 in between my Husband’s postings.
    William Morris,who lived in Ochiltree road died during my working years at Ore Place and had a daughter called Sheila who would be about 71 now.
    I met my husband when he came on an educational course and had an amazing life with him during his army career.We moved to Devon from Hastings in 2016 and sadly Ilost my husband suddenly on Remembrance Day last year. I have very happy memories of working at Ore Pace and sitting on the large lawn inJune listening to the band.
    The wonderful building was demolished and a new housing estate built however the Chapel ruins remained and can still be seen.
  • Liz Parker on 29 Feb 2020 Liz Parker said

    I understand my mother worked there, as a shorthand typist) during WWII. Her name was Phyllis Pike and she later married my father Edwin (Ted) Bowers).
  • Alison Haselgrove on 28 Apr 2020 Alison Haselgrove said

    I understand my Grandfather Ernest Whiting worked at Ore Place and I have photos of him, my father and aunt as children at a Christmas party there.
  • steve Piper on 07 Jun 2020 steve Piper said

    I remember Ernie Whiting very well, my first job at 17 and I shared an office with Ernie, lovely, lovely man and great sense of humour. Sadly missed
  • Paul Gray on 10 Jun 2020 Paul Gray said

    I worked there from 1979 to 1986. My first job! There were certainly some characters there and the Christmas Parties were legendary!
    Very laid back and we got away with murder! Happy Days!
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