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Pebsham Aerodrome

Pebsham Aerodrome
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Pebsham Aerodrome

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex - 1950
Thank you to Phil Sellens for contributing the photo

  • Bob Ford on 08 Jul 2012 Bob Ford said

    I remember when there used to be a Percival Gull there and a Klemm monoplane of c 1930 which may be the the plane in the foreground. Used to often see the Klemm battling along the sea front making very slow progress against a head wind and could overtake it on my bicycle!
  • Tony Beveridge on 03 Mar 2019 Tony Beveridge said

    I had my first flight ever in about 1950 from Pebsham Airfield in an Auster A5. Although I didn't know at the time, my future wife and her older brother helped in the little wooden ticket office on the airfield selling flights at 10/6d a time. I have a photo of them that I will dig out and upload if I can. Her brother had a flight in the Klemm , but my wife was not allowed to fly as she was a girl! No equality for the fair sex in those days. My flight took me over an American battleship, whose name escapes me, that was visiting Hastings at the time. I understand that the arrival of the US sailors on shore leave seemed to attract an unusual number of young ladies (and others?) to the town. Does anyone have any other information or memories of this visit that could pin down the actual date?
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