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Silverhill Tram

Silverhill Tram
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Silverhill Tram

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex - Circa 1905
Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online

  • Gerry Glyde on 09 Oct 2013 Gerry Glyde said

    Brilliant photo, taken around the time the line was first being laid and it looks as if the vehicle arrived before it could go any further. It seems a little odd that they did that.
  • Melanie Annals on 02 Sep 2017 Melanie Annals said

    Could the driver of this tram be my Great Grandfather Michael O'Sullivan who I'm told drove the first tram in Hasyings?
  • CLIFF MEWETT on 28 Aug 2018 CLIFF MEWETT said

    The tram above was like the others towed to Silverhill by a traction engine, which can just be seen to the left. A track down to the tramway depot had already been laid and the trams free wheeled down.

    Regarding who drove the first tram in service. This information would be available in the day books kept by the company which were in the possession of the late David Pagham and I believe they are now housed in the East Sussex Records Office.
  • Arch9enius on 12 Jan 2019 Arch9enius said

    Interesting to see a car without its' top deck also.
  • Henry Buss on 04 May 2020 Henry Buss said

    Is that Apps clothing store on right of photo, used to go there for stuff in the 50s
  • Albert Grimwood on 20 Dec 2020 Albert Grimwood said

    Yes Henry, it was Apps the clothing store. It looks like the Roxy Cinema site (extreme left of image) not previously occupied.
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