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St Georges Road

St Georges Road
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St Georges Road

Hastings, East Sussex
Thank you to Sam Hyland for contributing the photo

  • Gerry on 10 Jun 2013 Gerry said

    If memory serves correct I think that there were a couple of shops there and that Tarbucks was the next. There is a small sign on the wall that I doubt would have been attached to a shoe shop.
  • Veran Palmer on 30 Mar 2014 Veran Palmer said

    Is that sun shade in the fore ground belonging to Tarbucks shoe shop which had a gorgeous spiral stair case into the basement where the shoes were stored?
  • michael bailey on 28 Mar 2016 michael bailey said

    Where the sun shade is in the fore ground I think was a wool shop or one close by,also was a mens hairdressser
    which I used to use late 50s early 60s he was called Wally (surname escapes me). A good friend of mine Colin Coleman,sadly no longer with us lived in the flats further along,.The bottom of Whitefriars road my uncle had the fish & chip shop up until he passed away in 1965.
  • ColinL on 06 Feb 2017 ColinL said

    Half way along towards Calvert Rd on the left of the pic was a newsagents where I had a paper round from the age of 13. On Whitefriars Rd going up toward Priory Road, the Fish & Chip shop was on the right and then on the corner of Emmanuel Rd was a grocers & I think it was also an off-licence.

    On the left going up there were a couple of shops. A bakers and next to it a shop that I cannot remember what it sold; then on the corner of St Thomas' Rd there used to be a shop that I think had closed by the 1960s.

    In the reverse direction from the bottom of the pic, as previously stated the shoe shop. There was also the post office and a shop next to it and opposite was a butchers. Shops and pubs almost on every corner of street when people shopped for many everyday items in the local community.
  • Paul Bridger on 11 Sep 2017 Paul Bridger said

    The snob working in the shoe shop used to be a Mr Bob Eldridge who later on started his own shop in Ore village and was a brilliant shoe repairer always used to puff on a pipe most of the day.
  • Graeme Wilmshurst on 01 Oct 2017 Graeme Wilmshurst said

    I think the sign under the canopy says "Manning, greengrocers"?
    My grandparents lived at the other end of St Georges Road, almost opposite Calvert Road. We lived in Emmanuel Road up to 1967, when we moved to Broomgrove Estate.
    If memory serves, there was a photographer's studio called Whyteleafe Studios, next to the bakers in Whitefriars Road-run by a fella called Yallop. We had a few family photos taken by him, including for my grandparents 40th wedding anniversary.
    Just about remember the butchers in Vicarage Road.
  • John Thorpe on 23 Apr 2018 John Thorpe said

    The West Hill Youth Club was just up the hill to the right. There was a boxing club but I was never aggressive enough to get on with that and said "Sorry" every time I landed a walloper on a smaller fellow. I knew Mr Manning mentioned. He was a nice man as I recall.
  • Paula Whitelick on 26 Aug 2018 Paula Whitelick said

    I moved to the house inbetween the canopy and the flats to the left of the picture in January. I am unsure when the house was built so if anyone has any information, that would be most helpful. Comments left have been very interesting and it's great to see how the street used to look.
  • Fran Norwood on 18 Sep 2018 Fran Norwood said

    Our. Great grandparents owned the Granville Hotel in 1881 census , ,,Charles and Jane Pearson ,,,,, if any one has any information , towards our family tree search re the Pearson family , we would be most grateful , regards Fran and Jessie
  • Bernard Rea on 05 Oct 2019 Bernard Rea said

    The Rea Family lived at no 38 on the right hand side about halfway between the Granville and the Manor Road T junction. There were several shops in St Georges Road ...all one could wish for..most have been mentioned.Savages was the news agents /sweet shop on the left hand side also about half way down. Next to our shop( Rea's ices initially then Reas' Radio and Television in the mid 50's /60's ) was Cowey's cycle shop and parrafin suppliers. ( I did paper rounds for savages at 14 yrs old and helped Mr Cowey deliver parrafin for heaters around Hastings from 5 gallon drums in the back of his old Austin A35 clothes used to smell of it.).To the left of our shop/house was Ellise's the Green Grocers and next door to that was a Watch makers. Used to buy my shoes from Tarbuck's for 2 shillings a week out of my earnings and yes got my hair cut at Wally's.Next to the steps that went down to Manor Road. The other side of the steps was indeed a Post Office and Next door a Drapers shop...Butchers shop opposite. I spent many a Friday night at the Granville when I was of age..drinking brown ale and playing bar billiards...Mrs Ellis and a friend used to play shove halfpenny whilst enjoying their tipple. After the war where the flats are on the left it was a bombsite where I aged about 8/9yrs old and my cousin Colin Deeprose and other street friends used to build camps.It all acme to and end when I damaged my left wrist on a broken milk bottle...still have the scars...but hey ho boy will be boys!
  • Lucy Elrick on 11 May 2020 Lucy Elrick said

    I remember getting a pair of shoes there. Opposite my godmother had the dog grooming parlour in the 80s/ 90s.
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