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St Helens Hospital Isolation Wards

St Helens Hospital Isolation Wards
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St Helens Hospital Isolation Wards

Frederick Road, Ore, Hastings, East Sussex. Photo contributed by Roger Francis.

  • Andy68 on 23 Apr 2016 Andy68 said

    Sorry to say but this photo has been mislabelled.
    This building is the nurse's home. The hospital is behind the photographer.
  • Geoff Wolfe on 24 Apr 2016 Geoff Wolfe said

    No problem Andy, thanks for pointing this out. I have corrected the title.
  • Richard Pollard on 09 Jun 2016 Richard Pollard said

    Can I please re-correct you all, as this was NOT the nurses home at any time, as the nurses home was along side the old chapel opposite the CCU ward 6 unit. The photo you are looking at was part of wards 12 - 16 the original isolation wards across the road, in later years closed and only wards 14, 15 and 16 remained open for the elderly. The block was used as stores and changing rooms for the domestic staff.
    I am sure that was the case as I was electrical engineer there for many years until it's closure.
  • Geoff Wolfe on 10 Jun 2016 Geoff Wolfe said

    So the title needs to go back be "St Helens Hospital Isolation Wards"?
  • Richard Pollard on 11 Jun 2016 Richard Pollard said

    Yes! That is or was the correct title I can guarantee this.
  • Geoff Wolfe on 11 Jun 2016 Geoff Wolfe said

    Cheers Richard. Annoyingly this is what the title started off as.
  • deborah on 26 Aug 2016 deborah said

    As I now live it this building I would love to hear from anyone who can tell me more
  • Colin Barton on 09 Feb 2017 Colin Barton said

    He original Isolation Hospital waslocated opposite the old Sussex Arms top of Frederick Road, it was pulled
    Down when Farleigh Bank was built.
  • Paul Bridger on 31 Aug 2017 Paul Bridger said

    Yes Colin is right the isolation ward was opposite the Sussex Arms. I was incarcerated there July and August 1945 with " Brain Fever" now known as meningitis. As no visitors allowed my older brother Keith used to read the bulletin outside and tell Mum what it said when he got home. Names were not used and he thinks my number was 29 on the list.
  • Sue Benyounes on 24 May 2020 Sue Benyounes said

    I think this building was the old workhouse
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