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Sturdee Place Gas Explosion

Sturdee Place Gas Explosion
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Sturdee Place Gas Explosion

12 Sturdee Place, Hastings Old Town, East Sussex. Circa 1963. Thank you to Graham Lovatt for contributing the photo.

  • Alan Jenner on 08 Feb 2018 Alan Jenner said

    I worked on the reconstruction of the burnt out timber cottage ( the one with round bay windows ) and placed the shoreing under them, day after fire, as an apprentice carpenter for Hepple & Sweetman, Builders of Priory Street, on demolision we shored up the Two brick buildings either side to stop them collapsing in on top of the empty shell
  • CLIFF MEWETT on 28 Aug 2018 CLIFF MEWETT said

    At the time of the explosion I was working the late shift as a GPO telegram boy and was riding back from delivering a telegram in Clive Vale riding a red BSA Bantam. The explosion went off as I was riding down the Bourne back to the GPO.

    For several days after we were inundated with telegrams from home and abroad as anxious people inquired whether their relatives and friends were alright.
  • Roy Panniers on 15 Jan 2019 Roy Panniers said

    Working at Hastings boating lake. Thought the bang was the lifeboat maroon. Walked along later and there was a second minor explosion which caused everyone to run towards the beach. More details if there was room.
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