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German Submarine U118

German Submarine U118
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German Submarine U118

Hastings Beach, East Sussex - Circa 1919
Photo courtesy of Cyberheritage. Thank you to Steve Johnson

  • Tracy Bourne on 10 Feb 2010 Tracy Bourne said

    Wow, does any one know what happened to it?
  • Terry again on 05 May 2010 Terry again said

    There are two videos of submarines on Hastings Beach and although they claim it was two different U boats and was in 1914, I suspect they both show U118.
    British Pathe 77477
    British Pathe 77990
  • Alan on 18 Aug 2010 Alan said

    My Great Grandfather William Henry Moore was Coastguard Chief Officer when this sub came ashore. He and William Charles Heard and Mr L Penton went into the submarine and breathed in poisonous gas from the spilling batteries! He and Mr Heard died a few months later. Mr Penton survived. I would like to hear from anyone who knows more about this or Mr Penton.
  • Geoff on 12 Apr 2011 Geoff said

    Try a search (top right tab) for U118, I have written a little bit about it in the History section.
  • Alan on 16 Jul 2011 Alan said

    There were in fact two uboats that were beached in the Hastings are, UB131 on Bulverhythe beach is often mixed up with U118. I have posted a photo of UB131 on the forum if anyone is interested...
  • Jim Breeds on 21 Sep 2013 Jim Breeds said

    I have a document that was sent to me by a late Aunt describing this event and the role played by Moore, Heard and Pemberton and my Grandfather Thomas Breeds. This is an extract, and I can share the whole document with you if you wish:
    "Later that morning the coastguards arrived. Chief Boatman William Heard, Petty Officer Henry Moore and L. Penton were ordered to ensure that there were no dead bodies inside and prevent bystanders from getting in.
    On the beach they met Leading Seaman Thomas Breeds, a naval rating on leave in Hastings. He was obeying telegrammed orders from Portsmouth to assist the coastguards to open the hatches and ventilate the submarine.
    Breeds therefore opened the hatchway and all four climbed in. There in the galley they were stopped short by the noisome mixture of chlorine released by the action of seawater on the submarine’s batteries, and fumes from rotting meat, onions and potatoes. They quickly returned to the deck via the conning tower, and after they left the submarine all four were violently sick.
  • Julia on 15 Nov 2013 Julia said

    my great grandfather was william henry moore. i would be grateful for any information about him. i have a copy of a newspaper article from around 1972 about the submarine and the fates of mr moore, mr heard and mr penton.
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