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The Briars Nursing Home

The Briars Nursing Home
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The Briars Nursing Home

Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1950
Thank you to Diana Joyce for supplying the image

  • Diana Joyce on 21 Nov 2012 Diana Joyce said

    For your information:This is my photograph - which I happily submitted to 1066 for viewing; however, correction re "circa 1950" : I know for certain that this picture was circa 1940. It was a registered maternity hospital between 1930s and 1960s and situated on the Old Roar Road, St Leonards on Sea and within what was known at the time as Silverhill Park. Thank you
  • Kevin Head on 25 May 2013 Kevin Head said

    Interestingly the Briers Nursing Home has long since been pulled down and replaced with a block of Flats, but I own a property opposite where the original stood and this was apparently used by staff as a sleeping quarters.
    When I purchased my property I had to remove handbasins from every room, repipe the gas as we found it in more than one area of the house. So we still ave some memory of the old Home
  • robert lerwill on 02 Sep 2013 robert lerwill said

    Me ( 1952) my sister (1954) and brother ( 1956) were born in the Briars. Our parents are both still alive and I am working on them spending a few days @ The Royal Victoria Hotel in St Leonards.
  • Diana Joyce on 29 Apr 2014 Diana Joyce said

    Hello Robert. I submitted the picture of "The Briars" maternity hospital for this site. It was a photo of an advertising postcard that my mother gave me. I know the facility was demolished and replaced with modern homes sometime in the 70s. I've been hoping to find someone who had regular photos of the original house and gardens........ Diana
  • Angela Saxby on 04 Apr 2016 Angela Saxby said

    I was born in this house in April 1955. I believe I do have a photo of it.
  • Diana Joyce on 15 May 2016 Diana Joyce said

    Hello Angela. Have you located a photo of The Briars yet? Am sure it would be clearer than my copy of a post card. Wondering if you grew up in the area or even live nearby now. I have pics of me being held by the matron a Miss Brett who I believe was the registered owner of the home. I'm told my mother who was working for the BBC in the area during the war made arrangements for me to be cared for by the matron for about a year.
  • Keith Hamlyn on 16 Feb 2017 Keith Hamlyn said

    I was also born in a maternity home in Old Roar Road, which must have been Old Briers, in February 1946. I was adopted immediately and, although I did get to meet my natural mother some years ago, I have little information about my birth. Does anyone know where there might be records that could be easily accessed?
  • Richard Hollox on 12 Nov 2019 Richard Hollox said

    I was also born at The Briars on 20 January 1943 during, I was told, an air raid. I would be interested in easy access to records around this date.
  • diana joyce on 29 Jan 2020 diana joyce said

    Hi Richard; Haven't checked this site for quite a while and interesting to see a few other folks say they also born at The Briers. You saying you were born "during an air raid" would tie in with story my mother told of the staff finding me covered in glass when I was outside in my pram! I was born November 1942 and lived there until I was getting mobile guessing around 8months or so while my mother was working in a BBC post in Hastings.. I have a photo of me being carried by the matron Mrs Brett. The church where I was baptised was hit by bombs about a month later.
  • Geoffrey Munn on 06 Jul 2020 Geoffrey Munn said

    I have been following your posts on 1066 Online regarding the Briars with some interest as I was born there on 11th April 1953. I was wondering if you had been successful in getting a good image of the building yet ? If so I would be most interested to see it.
    The strange thing is that I have more than a passing interest in this sort of neo-Gothic architecture but I can’t believe The Briars was the original inspiration as I left there when I was no more than 10 days old.
    Very best wishes and thanks,

    Geoffrey Munn OBE, MVO
    1 Albert Embankment
    London SE1 7XN
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