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Trolleybus on High Street

Trolleybus on High Street
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Trolleybus on High Street

Hastings Old Town, East Sussex. Circa 1955. Photo contribution from Chris Watford.

  • Christopher Watford on 31 May 2021 Christopher Watford said

    I took this photo c.mid-1950s. It shows just how tricky it was for trolleybus drivers to navigate this narrow street, which at the time was the only route inland out of the Old Town. The passengers on the lower deck must have been terrified by the proximity to the high pavement, which appears to be just inches away ! Until the new Bourne Road was built between High Street and All Saints Street in the 1960s this was used for traffic in both directions, and watching two trolleybuses edge pass each other at a snail's pace was always interesting. Behind the No.11 St Helens-route trolleybus is an East Kent single decker bus bound for Rye.

    Note the absence of yellow parking restriction lines- few people had cars in those days.

    These trolleybuses were a mixed blessing. They could creep up on you unexpectedly, being so quiet; and when they accelerated, they did so in a series of jerks. When they terminated at such places as the Bull Inn, West St.Leonards, the turning circle of the overhead cables was too tight, and the arms would come off, causing the conductor to have to use a pole to put them back.
  • Gillian Joiner (nee Watford) on 13 Aug 2023 Gillian Joiner (nee Watford) said

    Very interesting photo and description of the trolley bus in the High Street Christopher!
    I was wondering if you happen to have any historical photographs of my Great, Great Uncle Lot's Umbrella Shop at 67 The High Street or if you know anyone else who might be prepared to sell me a copy please? I know you are strongly connected to the family. I am the granddaughter of Sam Watford (known as George) whose father was Tom Watford, Lot's older brother and am currently writing a comprehensive family history. (For your information, My grandfather and his family left Hastings in 1940 and made a new life in St Albans where I was born and brought up. I married there in 1969 and we now live in Kent. We visit Hastings quite frequently.) So few of us Watfords left now. Phil, grandson of another of Lot's brothers, Joe, whose father was Basil, died a few years ago. I would be pleased to let you have any information I have found on historical family research, should you be interested! Gill
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