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Inside White Rock Baths

Inside White Rock Baths
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Inside White Rock Baths

Hastings, East Sussex - Circa 1937
Thank you to Victor John Bragger for contributing the photo

  • Clive Wiltshire on 29 Jun 2012 Clive Wiltshire said

    Hey..I learnt to swim in there c.1960 !
  • Anne Crawford on 31 Jul 2013 Anne Crawford said

    My great aunt, Lily Knowles was a swimming teacher at the baths. I am told that she taught the young Sir Anthony Anthony Eden how to swim.
  • Rica Hare on 10 Dec 2014 Rica Hare said

    Miss Knowles was held in very very high regard as a really excellent, if quite strict, swimming teacher. She taught my mother.
  • Linda livingstone on 26 Jul 2015 Linda livingstone said

    I also learnt to swim here ( mid 60's)
  • Valerie Brookes ][nee Renn] on 02 Nov 2016 Valerie Brookes ][nee Renn] said

    I think that most of the school children in Hastings learned to swim here.
    I got all my stripes in this pool - including the 1/4 mile [which if I remember rightly was 8 lengths!] [1950's]

    There were swimming clubs too, including HESSA [Friday nights] Ducklings and Seagulls....and swimming galas were held during the course of the school year.

    Happy Days!
  • Bill Hawkes on 13 Dec 2016 Bill Hawkes said

    I learned to swim here in the 1970's, and remember a few teachers such as Mrs Avery, Mr Lucy and Mr Rootes.
    I can remember swimming my mile here 32 lengths, and going through the bronze, silver, gold and honours awards, with a few guys I remember such as Steve Sherwood, Stuart Burchell, Steve Pepper and a few other who have slipped my memory.

    Good times
  • Gerry Glyde on 26 Jan 2017 Gerry Glyde said

    I remember Miss Penny who only seemed interested in the pupils who were good at swimming. She left a few of us sitting on the edge of the pool for ages and then we might get a few minutes of time between us. I failed to learn to swin
  • Paul Bridger on 08 Sep 2017 Paul Bridger said

    I also remember Miss Penny and NO I didn't learn to swim here either. I hated the thought and was standing by the side of the pool when the said Miss Penny pushed me in saying that I would sink or swim. I SANK and never went back there even playing truant to avoid it.
    Does anyone remember the knitted woollen trunks we had then? Alright till you got them wet and got out of the water whence they sagged down around your knees, also who remembers the Brylcream machine on the way out. We knew how to extract the stuff without putting in a penny and had so much on our hair it used to run down our backs.
  • Andy Clark on 26 Nov 2017 Andy Clark said

    HESSA on Fridays and memories of woollen trunks - and chafing! My father played competitive water polo here in the late 1940s.
  • Lois Blake on 22 Apr 2018 Lois Blake said

    My sister and I were there too, in the late 1950's early 60's. I hated the changing cubicles, and it was always so cold there. But we had to learn to swim as our Dad otherwise would not let us go on the beach!!
  • Tony Beveridge on 03 Mar 2019 Tony Beveridge said

    I learnt to swim under Miss Penny's beady eye in 1951. She was a bit of a martinet, so it was advisable to learn as quickly as possible so that you could escape her clutches at the earliest opportunity. I had the added incentive that I had nearly drowned a few years earlier when in my ignorance I ran along the beach and jumped over a stone breakwater into deep water and had to be rescued, so learning to swim was essential! In spite of post-war austerity, Hastings was a great place to grow up in.
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