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SE&CR Warrior Square Station

SE&CR Warrior Square Station
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SE&CR Warrior Square Station

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. Image from the Geoff Wolfe Collection, copyright 1066online.

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  • Lesley Hamblin on 09 Jan 2011 Lesley Hamblin said

    I used to live in Southwater Road St. Leonards and know Warrior Square Station very well. My Mum and I used to walk over the enlosed bridge, which you can see in the righthand corner of the photo. I hated the steam from the trains and I wouldn't walk over the bridge until the train had gone under! I tripped over the flower bed in the middle of the photo when I was about 5 got a stone in cut and still have the scar to this day!
  • Robin Burns on 26 Jun 2015 Robin Burns said

    Hi! I am just fascinated to find online all this historical information about Warrior Square Station and the wider story of railway history in the area. I came across the site by chance when surfing. My interest arises from the fact that from birth in 1922 until I joined the RAF in 1943 I lived in St Leonards. Though interested in local history, no one seemed to know much and my curiosity has gone unsatisfied until now, when I am 92 and still interested.
  • Peter E on 22 Jul 2018 Peter E said

    Interesting comments: however, like just about all small kids, I was fascinated by the steam trains!

    I also lived as a small child ( 1950-54) at 56 Southwater Rd where my grandparents had resided since Victorian times. Robin Billens, former head prefect at The old Boys` Garmmar School lived opposite: his Mother only died recently aged 103 in Australia where they had emigrated to.

    My Mother remembers the Doodlebug flying bombs as they seem to have a direct fixed path or so it seemed, over Southwater Rd. and told me once they waited with abated breath hoping the engine would not cut out as this meant they would land and explode nearby.
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