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There are a wide variety of movies showing at The Odeon in Hastings this month and throughout 2016. The film listings below are published in association with The List and aim to help you decide what to go and see at the Hastings cinema.

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A cute, blue-eyed Yeti is found hiding on the roof of a Shanghai apartment building, and teenager Yi (voiced by Bennett) and her friends Jin (Trainor) and Peng (Tsai) decide to help him get back to the Himalayas. Enjoyable, smartly paced and gorgeously animated; hardly very original, but full of comic relief and heart.

18 Oct–24 Oct: Fri–Sun 11.30am, 2pm & 4.30pm; Mon & Tue 2pm & 4.30pm; Wed 2pm; Thu 2pm & 4.30pm

23 Oct: (Subtitled) Wed 4.30pm

Downton Abbey

A big screen outing for Downton Abbey and its inhabitants. Directed by Michael Engler.

17 Oct: Thu 4pm

Gemini Man

Henry (Smith) is a 51-year-old assassin who develops a conscience, but the powers that be want to retire him; then baddie businessman Varris (Owen) sends a 31-year-old clone of Henry after him. The characters are totally underdeveloped and the effects (include Lee’s favourite high frame rate) make it look cheap. Smith is as watchable as ever, but that’s all.

17 Oct: Thu 2.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm

20 Oct: (Subtitled) Sun 8.45pm


Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) is an unsuccessful clown who wants to be a comedian, but he gradually turns to evil. This dizzying origin story about Batman’s nemesis is like an ode to 1970s New York City; Phoenix is astonishing and Phillips’s grave vision never swerves. Unmissable.

18 Oct–24 Oct: Fri–Sun 12.15pm, 3pm, 5.45pm, 7pm & 8.30pm; Mon 12.15pm, 3pm & 8.30pm; Tue 12.15pm, 3pm, 5.45pm & 8.30pm; Wed & Thu 2.15pm, 5pm & 7.45pm

21 Oct: (Subtitled) Mon 5.45pm


A look at the later life of Judy Garland (Zellweger), as she marries her fifth husband (Wittrock) and performs a five-week run at a London nightclub. Zellweger is captivating as the deeply lonely star, struggling to keep her work commitments, adored but unhappy and wracked with guilt about being away from her children.

17 Oct: Thu 1.20pm & 8.45pm

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Sequel to the Disney fantasy starring Angelina Jolie as the evil fairy..

18 Oct–24 Oct: Fri–Sun 11.45am, 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8pm; Mon–Thu 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8pm

Matthew Bourne's Romeo + Juliet

Matthew Bournes Romeo + JulietFilmed live at Sadlers Wells in London 2019Matthew Bournes Romeo and Juliet has been hailed as the single most eagerly awaited dance show for 2019 by The Daily Telegraph. This passionate and contemporary re-imagining of Shakespeares classic story of love and conflict is set in the not too distant future in The Verona Institute…Here difficult young people are mysteriously confined by a society that seeks to divide and crush their youthful spirit and individuality. Our two young lovers must follow their hearts as they risk everything to be together. A timeless story of forbidden love, repressed emotions and teenage discovery, filmed live at Sadlers Wells in London especially for cinemas.Bursting with youth, vitality andMatthew Bournestrademark storytelling, the UKs brightest young dance talent join the New Adventures company, with direction and choreography by Matthew Bourne, design byLez Brotherston, lighting byPaule Constable, sound byPaul Groothuisand new orchestrations of the Prokofiev score byTerry Davies, played live by the New Adventures Orchestra conducted byBrett Morris. Run time: 93 mins (No interval)

22 Oct: Tue 7pm

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M²

Screening of a Metallica gig in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking S&M concerts and album recorded with the San Francisco Symphony.

21 Oct: Mon 7pm

Mrs Lowry & Son

LS Lowry (Spall) is a meek Salford rent collector dominated by his bedridden mother Elizabeth (Redgrave), but his secret passion for painting is about to bring him success. Hesford’s clichéd script feels more like a stage or radio play but Spall and Redgrave manage to bring substance to the bickering; still, it’s glum, downcast and lacking insight.

22 Oct: Tue Noon

NT Live: A Midsummer Night's Dream

A joyous adaptation of Shakespeare's magical romantic comedy, in which a feuding fairy King and Queen draw four young lovers and some other unsuspecting mortals into their dispute. Directed by Nicholas Hynter and starring Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) as Titania.

17 Oct: Thu 7pm

Playmobil: The Movie

Marla (Taylor-Joy) and Charlie (Bateman) are siblings who come to terms with grief by entering a fantasy world where they become Playmobil figures. Taylor-Joy is delightful with both live-action and voice acting, but it misses the warmth and storytelling flair of the best toy adaptations and plays it overly safe.

19 Oct–20 Oct: Sat & Sun 10am

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Shaun and his gang of sheep are getting up to mischief that puts them at odds with sensible sheepdog Bitzer; then an alien craft arrives. This dialogue-free pristinely shambolic stop-motion romp is, in its deft way, a crowd-pleaser for everyone, with enough Close Encounters references to keep parents interested.

18 Oct–24 Oct: Fri 1.15pm & 3.45pm; Sat & Sun 10.45am, 1.15pm & 3.45pm; Mon & Tue 1.15pm & 3.45pm; Wed & Thu 1pm & 3.30pm

Terminator: Dark Fate

Another film in the Terminator franchise. The time-travelling killer robots will, probably, yet again, focus solely on the timelines of Sarah Connor and her son.

23 Oct–24 Oct: Wed 5.45pm, 7pm & 8.45pm; Thu 5.45pm & 8.45pm

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