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There are a wide variety of movies showing at The Odeon in Hastings this month and throughout 2016. The film listings below are published in association with The List and aim to help you decide what to go and see at the Hastings cinema.

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Alita: Battle Angel

Three years after a savage war, Dr Dyson Ido (Waltz) finds a cyborg head on a scrapheap, which he gives to a body and names Alita. The story is a bit of a grab-bag of ideas, but Salazar shines via motion capture as a truly splendid teen action heroine.

20 Feb–21 Feb: Wed & Thu 11.20am, 2.20pm, 5.20pm & 8.20pm

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Freddie Mercury story. Malek as Mercury does a great job, with a passionate and impressive performance, but despite the recreation of momentous performances it’s a disappointingly tame affair, with a by-the-numbers screenplay and a bland lack of insight into Mercury’s heritage or sexuality.

21 Feb: Thu 8pm


Biopic of French writer Colette (Knightley), focusing on her early years and her wild days in fin-de-siecle Paris after her marriage to Henry Gauthier-Villars (West). Knightley is fantastic as the bisexual icon and the film becomes more playful as it goes on. A pleasurable rite of passage about a woman striving for independence.

26 Feb: Tue Noon

Fighting with My Family

Wrestling drama based on the true story of Norwich-born Paige and her ascent to WWE stardom.

27 Feb–28 Feb: Wed & Thu 3.30pm, 6.15pm & 8.15pm

Green Book

Don Shirley (Ali), virtuoso pianist, is chauffeured around the American South in 1962 by his Italian-American driver Tony (Mortensen), and much learning ensues. It’s beautifully made and very worthy, but far too gentle and broad to be effective; Tony, rather than Don, is the heart of the story and it lacks bite.

22 Feb–28 Feb: Fri–Sun & Tue–Thu 8pm

25 Feb: (Subtitled) Mon 8pm

The Grinch

The Grinch (Cumberbatch) is a grumpy, green creature who despises Christmas so much that he plots to steal it. The animation is gorgeous, the pace is breezy and Cumberbatch does a decent job with the voice, but the film is stolen by the Grinch’s adorable dog Max.

22 Feb–24 Feb: Fri–Sun 10am

Happy Death Day 2U

Tree (Rothe) finds herself trapped in a time loop again, after her boyfriend’s roommate’s science project goes haywire. Slightly more grown-up than the 2017 original, this has some genuinely moving moments and it’s a lot of fun, and the few wobbles in tone and consistency don’t detract from an entertaining sequel.

20 Feb–21 Feb: Wed & Thu 8.40pm

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Hiccup (voiced by Baruchel) is now a chief with growing responsibilities, while Toothless the dragon is in love; but then dragon hunter Grimmel (Abraham) is determined to spoil people’s fun. The franchise is running out of steam; there’s too much going on and the central bond is obscured.

21 Feb: Thu 12.30pm, 3pm & 5.30pm

Instant Family

Pete (Wahlberg) and Elie (Byrne) are a couple who decide to try fostering children, and they take in teenage Lizzy (Moner) and her siblings. A good vehicle for Wahlberg’s blue-collar charm, with humour that feels earned and details that have the smack of real experience. Manipulative but likable.

22 Feb–28 Feb: Fri–Sun 11.30am, 2.15pm, 5pm & 7.45pm; Mon & Tue 2.15pm, 5pm & 7.45pm; Wed 2.15pm & 7.45pm; Thu 2.15pm, 5pm & 7.45pm

27 Feb: (Subtitled) Wed 5pm

The Kid Who Would Be King

Alex (Serkis), escaping from school bullies, finds a sword sticking out of a cement post which he and mate Bedders (Chaumoo) decide is Excalibur. Entertaining, but with too many unanswered questions, and Ferguson as Morgana is wasted for most of the movie. Shame, because the kids are terrific.

20 Feb–21 Feb: Wed & Thu 11.40am & 5.40pm

22 Feb: (Subtitled) Fri Noon

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Despite living in the Mad Max-style nightmare of Apocalypseburg, Emmet (Pratt) is still his cheery self—until his friends are kidnapped by the alien queen (Haddish). There are lots of good jokes and plenty of fun, but it’s not quite up to the magical original.

22 Feb–28 Feb: Fri & Sat 10.30am, 1pm, 3.30pm & 6pm; Sun 1pm, 3.30pm & 6pm; Mon 3.30pm & 6pm; Tue 1pm, 3.30pm & 6pm; Wed & Thu 3.15pm & 5.45pm

24 Feb: (Autism-friendly) Sun 10.15am

21 Feb: (Subtitled) Thu 10.30am

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